Top 10 Haunted Places in Delhi

The known side of Delhi is colorful, but some places are desolate and terrify people just by merely saying their names. This spooky side of Delhi might be surprising, but one must consider that it was home to antique palaces, tombstones, etc and only seems natural that the city has a supernatural side.

Here are the top ten haunted places in Delhi City for brave hearts to explore.

1. Sanjay Van

Located in South West Delhi, Sanjay Van is a  forest sprawling over 784 acres. The tombs of Sufi saints in the forest, cremation grounds in the region are reasons for fear of paranormal and mysterious activities. People caught in the wilderness claim that they heard strange voices, and stories of women who were dressed in white are also said to be seen around.

2. Agrasen ki Baoli

An ancient well with 103 red stone steps, Agrasen ki Baoli, ends in a water reservoir. Built-in the fourteenth century by Maharaja Agrasen, and known as ‘Baoli of the unseen,’ visitors claim that while walking down the steps, there were strange activities like someone following the visitors and the trampling is faster when visitors walk faster. Even many visitors who claimed that they felt, But when turned back, visitors see none.

3. Delhi Cantonment Area


Though the Delhi Cantonment area is appealing in the day, it seems ghostly in the night. Many have reported experiencing strange incidents at the place. People driving by the city claimed that they saw a woman in a white saree, asking ride and then disappearing suddenly, racing past the vehicle. It is believed that the woman was killed there,  her soul wanders even now.

4. Malcha Mahal

The abandoned palace, Malcha Mahal, was given to Begum in 1985, and her son and daughter. Begum committed suicide in 1993, and it is believed that her children live there even today. The thought of two people who don’t come outside, living amidst such ruins itself, is spooky. Invisible energy near the palace seemingly makes the visitors uncomfortable.

5. House Number W-3

The house numbered W – 3, was occupied by an old couple, before a few years, who were killed by a few criminals. Locals, passersby, claim that they heard whispers and even subdued laughter from the empty house. It is believed that the souls of the old couple still wander and haunt there.

6. Lothian Cemetery

A burial ground, Lothian Cemetery is built in the British rule. Believed that a soldier committed suicide since a gurl spurned him, it is reported that the headless soul of the soldier wanders and is more visible in the new moon night. The very idea of the burial ground and the soldier story left all struck with fear.

7. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Built-in the fourteenth century by Tughlaq rulers as a hunting lodge, Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal is named after the caretaker –  Bu-Ali Bhatti. The building was abandoned after some time, and today, it stands as a spooky place and a profoundly haunted place. Many said that they heard strange noises from the site and thus is scary.

8. Khooni Nadi

Rohini river is called Khooni Nadi, meaning, ‘bloody river,’ a stream thirsting for blood. The river seems as if it was wrenched directly out of a ghost flick. It is reported that the river pulls like a magnet with an invisible force that sinks people. Many have died so.

9. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, raised in the fourteenth century in the Tughlaq regime, is believed as a home to many Djinns. Locals and visitors offer incense sticks, candles on Thursdays to appease the Djinns. They might still lurk around angrily, today, as the rituals continue even today.

10. The Delhi Ridge

Delhi Ridge, part of a vast sprawling forest, is found near several monuments that add to the spookiness. There are claims of souls wandering after sunset as if they set their territory and seemingly don’t allow anyone to go beyond a certain point.

Closing note

These aforementioned are places of utmost haunting in Delhi and can be thrilling for brave hearts to explore.

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