Top 10 Hair Extension Types for Women That Look Natural

Clip-in hair extensions can drastically improve your look while you grow natural hair. But, purchasing clip-in hair extensions may be a daunting task at first.

Models vary both in design and features. Also, some work better for your type of hair than others.

However, before you go on a long call with your hairstylist, take a look at the 10 best clip-in hair extensions of 2021.

1. HeyCurls Clip-in Hair Extensions

Girls with 3B-3C type hair, you can visit if you want quality hair extensions. HeyCurls offers natural hair extensions you can endlessly style.

Another benefit of the HeyCurls product is that it uses virgin, natural hair. Virgin hair is actual organic hair. That saves you a lot of time while styling and maintaining the hair extension.

HeyCurls extensions come in several colors. After you pick a matching hair color, you may proceed to style it as you wish.

You can flat-iron, blow-dry, and even color HeyCurls hair extensions. Regardless of your hairstyle, your hair keeps additional hair length and thickness.

Though you may rush to style it alone, reach out to a professional stylist first. HeyCurls is so much like natural organic hair, so approach it with care like you would the hair on your head.

2. Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Clip-ins

Thickness is the buzzword bouncing around anytime someone mentions Hidden Crown hair extensions. So, if you want more volume with excellent hair quality, give Hidden Crown a try.

The advantage of this product is that it uses Remy or natural human hair. Remy’s hair is so thick that it allows you to color it, iron it, or style it as you wish.

You can purchase Hidden Crown hair extensions in several sizes and colors. You can adjust it to your natural hair color with a proper size match.

It makes it a perfect hair extension if you want to hide a bald spot or thin hair. The thickness of the Hidden Crown hair extension improves your hair in an instant.

3. Cashmere Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions

If there’s an excellent hair extension for first-time buyers, then such a product is Cashmere hair clip-in hair extensions. These hair extensions don’t sport many features, but they compensate in pure quality.

The Cashmere hair extensions use a simple design without any additional features. But, you get hair that has enough quality that you can color and style.

You can buy this model in several colors and lengths. An additional benefit of this model is that it’s very soft and won’t damage your natural hair.

Pursue this model if it’s your first time trying out hair extensions. Cashmere Hair clip-in hair extensions are easy to maintain and wear.

For someone going natural for the first time, this is an excellent product.

4. Glam Seamless Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you want to achieve a completely natural experience, give Glam Seamless clip-in hair extensions a try. Glam Seamless consists of 100% natural Remy hair, giving you a beautiful organic look.

The slight downside of this product is that it lacks a bit in the thickness department. Nonetheless, it gives you real volume, delivering that natural effect.

The natural effect consists of a smooth, shiny, and healthy appearance. Also, the product comes in several shades and lengths.

You can dye it, iron it, and style it with Glam Seamless extensions as you wish. Another benefit is that Glam Seamless won’t obstruct the growth of your natural hair.

5. Hair Shop Skinny Clip-in Single Piece

Hair Shop Skinny clip-in hair extensions are a rather popular product. It’s a popular product to how it’s efficient to use.

The difference between Hair Shop Skinny products and other products on the list is the size. This product can cover a smaller area or a lock of hair.

Even so, this product comes in several sizes and color shades. It’s best to wear it when you want to add details to your hairstyle.

Wear this hair extension closer to the hairline and closer to the top of your head. The size helps you achieve a natural look since no one is going to notice your hair extensions.

6. HairUWear Hairdo 20-Inch Invisible Extension

HairUWear Hairdo 20-inch extensions are another excellent product for a first-time buyer. This product lacks in the features department, but it makes up in simplicity and effectiveness.

Most hair extensions require a professional stylist to follow specific instructions on how to attach the hair extension. While HairUWear is a long hair extension, you can attach it to your hair and wear it immediately.

If you want to go out or have an event coming, attach the hair extensions, and you are ready. So, this gives you more room to experiment and style your hair.

So, HairUWear extensions don’t offer much when you think about features. However, you can wear it right away with a simple attach and detach action.

7. RPZL Clip-In Extensions

When you want to get additional hair length, RPZL clip-in extensions are an excellent choice. The RPZL product consists of 100% organic Remy hair.

As far as the length goes, the RPZL is well-known for its standard 28-inch hair length. Even so, you can get RPZL hair extensions in several sizes.

RPZL hair extensions use a variety of colors. It’s possible to mix it with your natural color or even dye it for an additional effect.

For women that enjoy wearing a weave, RPZL hair extensions are perfect. It offers a natural appearance with a Disney princess vibe.

8. Amazing Beauty Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you have curly and kinky hair, give Amazing Beauty Hair clip-in hair extensions a try. What makes these hair extensions different from others on the list is that their shape resembles natural, organic hair.

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible to style this model. You can flat-iron and style the hair. But after you style it, the hair extensions keep the last shape the hair had.

Another advantage of this product is that it’s easy to hide hair extension clips since you’ll wear them in naturally curly hair. Other people won’t notice that you have an extension on your hair.

Instead of wasting too much time on styling or paying a stylist, this product gives you ease of use. It’s far easier to shape the extension that already has the shape of your natural hair.

Style your hair however you want.

9. Heat Free Hair For Kinks Clips-Ins

For women with rather kinky hair, Heat Free Hair for Kinks Clip-ins hair extensions is an absolute blessing. You don’t need any additional styling,  just attach the hair extension to your natural hair.

Most women have a problem with how to match hair extensions to the shape of their kinky hair. This model has a natural look, so it requires a bit of styling before you can wear it.

Also, Heat Free hair extensions use natural Remy hair. So, it has a close resemblance to your natural hair.

Clip it into your hair. Wear hair extensions and enjoy your natural groove.

10. Beauty Works Double Hair Set Clip-In Extensions

There are times when you want to style your hair quickly and go out. Beauty Works Double Hair set clip-in extensions are perfect for that. The feature that makes this Beauty Works product well-known is the limitless number of shades available.

It is possible since Beauty Works product uses natural, quality hair. Wear it without worry.

Focus on styling your hair until you get that perfect color. Become the queen of style with these hair extensions.

Buy Clip-In Hair Extensions

Wearing clip-in hair extensions is the fastest way to get a fresh look. Just attach the extensions to your natural hair, style it, and you are ready to go.

Find the product that matches your natural look. Get the weave you dream of with an attach and detach action.

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