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Top 10 Best Biriyani variations available in India - Likeitgirl

Top 10 Best Biriyani variations available in India

In India, food is all about the reunion of culture, taste, and heritage. Here we celebrate food. If you think globally, food today is no more a necessity, but something that can be cultured about, thought about and researched about. If you are a foodie you will always be in search of new places in your area which serves terrific food. Food can be generalized in two terms- Traditional classic Food while the other is the fusion and fashionable food. As people are coming up with more and more recipes, there is always a craze for something new.

In spite of this craze for new recipes, some recipes are unique and cannot be overlooked. Indian traditional foods like, chicken butter Masala, Dosa, kebabs, Pani Puri cannot grow old. Their charm will live forever in every mouth. If you are searching for some good food corners and craving to try something new, this is the correct place for you to visit. Let’s discuss the King of all Indian Food that is BRIYANI.

Now Biriyani is something which no one can refuse. Previously Biriyani was only available in some rare restaurants and joints and one of our Muslim friend’s places. But today the scenario is completely different. Biriyani is available in almost every street and in most of the north Indian and Muslim restaurants. So first let’s see the various kinds of Biriyani.

Variations of Biriyani

There are almost 21 different types of Biriyani available in India and in Arab. Among them following are the most popular ones in India:

  1. Hyderabadi Biriyani
  2. Keema Biriyani
  3. Lucknow Biriyani
  4. Kolkata Dum Biriyani
  5. Keema Biriyani
  6. Andhra Style Biriyani
  7. Awadhi Biriyani
  8. Mughlai Biriyani
  9. Mutki Biriyani
  10. Shahi Biriyani and so on…

Among the above list the Awadhi, Lucknow, Dum and Hyderabadi Biriyani are the most famous ones.

Biriyani that you should definitely try!

According to my recommendation, one of the best Biriyani is the Kolkata Style Dum Biriyani. Now the recipe for this particular kind is a bit different than other Biriyanis. Where other biriyanis are a combination of rice, spices and cooked meat or chicken, the Kolkata Biriyani is a combination of Rice, Meat or Chicken, egg, and a big boiled potato chunk.

The basic difference between the two kinds

Bengalis love potatoes, and boiled spiced potato actually makes the biriyani way different form Biriyanis in other states. Here no coriander or green herbs are added as aromatics. The main aroma comes from something called KAORA water and Rosewater. Also, the cooking procedure is different. In case of Kolkata Dum Biriyani, the rice, meat and potatoes actually get cooked in a locked larger container. This procedure is known as Dum. Whereas in case of other Biriyanis the meat and chicken are cooked first in gravy and the rice is cooked separately. Next, they are put in layers and cooked for 10 to 15 minutes.

If you are planning a plate of hot Biriyani for dinner, you can find the recipe from some of the top Indian Food Blogs on the internet.

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