Top 10 benefits of lemon for skin care

Lemon juice is abundant in natural sugars and fruity acids. Lemon juice provides several healthy nutrients that can aid a lot in improving the health of the body and skin.

Lemon is a citric fruit that is very easily available and abundant in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, carbohydrates, and phosphorus. The fruit acids are beneficial for your skin and are useful in enhancing human beauty.

Benefits Of Lemon For Skin – The Best Effects

  1. For Foot Scrub

You can make your own scrub to exfoliate your foot skin just by making a mixture of peppermint essential oil, lemon peels, and coarse sea salt.

Mix lemon juice with cream or milk and apply onto your skin before having a bath as normal. Allow the mixture to stay within about fifteen minutes and then rinse your skin off.

  1. For Lips Exfoliation

Lips could be exfoliated with fresh lemon juice. You just need to rub fresh lemon on your lips at night and allow it to stay throughout the whole night. This can help remove dead skin cells and dried skin cells from your each lip.

  1. A Natural Body Skin Cleanser

You can also try making your own cleanser just by making use of a combination of yogurt, lemon juice, and an essential oil such as chamomile oil or lavender oil. Use this solution to moisturize your skin and thus you would be able to get your skin free from several types of harmful bacteria and dirt.

  1. Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Juice

Mix some lemon juice with coconut water can make a great clarifying moisturizer for your skin. This can help to keep your skin hydrated, clear, and bright at the same time.

Lemon is also very rich in vitamin C so that it is an amazing antioxidant that can help to eliminate harmful free radicals and can help to increase the collagen production, helping to keep our skin young and free from wrinkles for long. Lemon juice can also aid in lightening the tanned areas, as well as lightening age spots, dark spots.

Lemon is also very beneficial in eliminating excessive oil, as well as eliminating the shiny skin due to this problem. Therefore, drink lemon juice mix with clean water and sugar and enjoy its amazing skin benefits right at the comfort of your own home.

  1. Cure Discolored Elbows

Lemon can work effectively as an amazing elbow and knee bleacher.

As lemon rind can help to reduce the dark patches on the elbows effectively, try to use it to directly rub onto the discolored elbows on a regular basis. You just need to rub half on dark knees and elbows.

  1. Lemon Juice For Whitening Skin

As mentioned before, lemon has citrus acids in it which could act effectively as a all-natural bleaching agent. The bleaching effects of lemon can help a lot in brightening your skin color tone. To make use of lemon how to whiten skin, you just need to add three tablespoons of water to two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix the two ingredients well. After that, use the solution to apply directly right onto your entire facial and neck skin areas. Allow it to stay on about half an hour and use cool water to rinse it off. Apply this method every day to get the better results within such a short time period. If you would like to make use of this method, you can also try adding one tablespoon of honey to the combination, and this would help to reduce every irritation on your skin.

  1. Get Rid Of Blackheads

Applying fresh lemon juice extracts directly onto skin areas with blackheads can help a lot to eliminate them efficiently. The citric component in this citrus fruit can help to reduce the oils that cause blackheads on skin.

  1. Remove Pimples

Lemons are among the most famous and popular home treatments that can help a lot in lightening pimples and stretch marks. Just use the lemon rind to scrub onto your facial skin and allow it to stay within about 10 minutes and then use cold water to wash it off. Apply this method for about 2 days until you could see the improvement as desired.

  1. Use Lemon Juice To Heal Acne

Squeeze a few fresh lemons to extract the juice and add some water to dilute it. Use a cotton pad and the lemon juice taken before to apply directly onto your skin’s infected area. Allow the juice to stay within about 15 minutes and then use clean cold running water to wash it off. Use lemon juice on a regular basis can help you get rid of acnes and pimples effectively. Alternatively, people can also opt for drinking one glass of fresh lemon water every day to internally clean their body’s system and thereby attaining an acne-free, glowing complexion. To make fresh lemon water, you just need to prepare one glass of warm water and add three tablespoons of lemon juice into it. To make the mixture a little bit yummy, you could also add some honey to it.

  1. Get Rid Of Dark Spots And Pigmentation

Citrus fruits, especially lemons, are immensely great for treating freckles, age spots, and dark spots. All you need to do is just to use lemon juice to apply directly onto your skin affected region, and over time, you will be able to see a reduction of the spots. The citric acids content of lemons can help to bleach and clarify the skin.

The list above reveals 10 benefits of lemon with several beauty recipes made from the juice of a lemon in the combination of many other ingredients. These tips and tricks are proven effective for skin and 100% based on nature, thus, readers should try these diy methods without concerning anything about the side effects. If you have any question about the writing or its content, do not forget to leave your comments below.

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