Top 10 Baby Care Products That Every Parent Needs

Are you getting ready for the arrival of your little one? Part of the fun of shopping for that cute little new addition to your family is shopping for all the things your baby might need. From adorable caps to tiny socks and what not – stores are full of a wide array of baby care products. But which products should you fill your shopping cart?

Well, diapers (bags full of them), for one. But what else? Despite a wide range of products available for babies, there is not much that those little bundles of joy need. Less is best when it comes to taking care of your baby’s grooming needs. Stay away from the fragrant creams and lotions – your baby is going to smell wonderful without them. However, there are a few basic infant supplies that you should stock up on before you welcome your tiny tot to this world. Here is a list of top 10 baby products that you must buy.


Cotton balls

For the first few weeks, the gentlest way to clean your newborn’s tender buttock is using a cotton ball dipped in plain water. But that is not the only reason to keep a bag of sterile cotton balls around. They are also quite helpful in wiping those beautiful eyes – you cannot go ahead with the swabs since they are not safe to use on baby.


Baby oil

Your doctor may suggest baby oil as a way of getting rid of cradle cap, a crusty scalp condition quite common in babies (and completely harmless). You can also employ baby oil on a cotton ball as a gentle method to wipe away a particularly sticky poop from your baby’s delicate skin. However, you must not cover your baby up with oil – you don’t want your baby to be slippery.


Baby wipes

After a few weeks of using cotton balls and plain water to clean your baby up, you must move on to diaper wipes. Buy the hypoallergenic ones that are free from synthetic fragrances and alcohol. Wipes are also great for cleaning up leaky diaper spills, spit-up on clothes, and even your hands if you are on the go. In case your baby is allergic to certain brands or if you would rather go green, you can also buy reusable cloth diaper wipes. However, always remember to avoid stocking up on changing table essentials until you know what baby care products suit your little one the best.


Baby bath liquid or soap

Here is a simple tip that might come handy while you are buying baby soap – the shorter the list of ingredients is, the better. You do not want to irritate your baby’s delicate skin with added fragrances and harsh chemicals. Go for a gentle baby wash or ask the paediatrician for their recommendations.


Baby shampoo

The foam formed by shampoos tends to stay put, and babies do not always keep their eyes shut tight when they are being bathed. A tear-free formula is the best for your newborn.


Skincare ointments

You might want to keep some skincare ointments ready for your baby. However, it is best if you discuss the options with the paediatrician.


Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a multipurpose and most harmless skincare product you can buy. You can slather a bit of jelly on the thermometer to lubricate it before you take your baby’s temperature rectally. Using petroleum jelly can also help prevent diaper rash.


Digital thermometer

Keeping a digital thermometer handy can save you a late-night visit to the medical store when your baby feels unwell. Any brand will do since most digital thermometers are fast and accurate.


Nasal aspirator

Popularly known as ‘snot sucker’, nasal aspirator is a go-to tool to collect mucus from your baby’s stuffed-up nostrils and clear the congestion within minutes.


Cool-mist humidifier

Invest in a cool-mist humidifier to make breathing in a closed environment easy for you tiny one. Be mindful of cleaning them regularly to avoid mould and bacteria growth.


Shopping for your baby needs not to be mind-boggling. Stick with buying baby care essentials and your baby would be just fine.

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