Before Queen Victoria got married in 1840, women did not wear white for their weddings. They wore their best dress (unless their best dress was green since that was considered bad luck). Then the Queen had her wedding gown designed in white. From that day until today, the white wedding gown became the norm.

However, in 2018 brides are rejecting the idea of wearing white and blending in with the masses. More brides are choosing black. Black and deep blue have always represented elegance and charm. They can be dressed up with flowers and elegant choice of simple pearls. Of course, they can be dressed up with diamonds too. There is nothing too simple and nothing too elegant for black.


Today’s bride has many options for her modern wedding.  If she wants traditional colors, the colors of the season are dusty rose and blush, cream and sage, and metals (gold, silver, copper, and steel). However, the choice that is wowing the industry is black or navy. The reverse look is also hot. Dressing the bridesmaids in white with a black sash works well.


This look calls for a minimal amount of makeup and accessories. The beautiful bride and her party are stunning in this trending look, so don’t overdo the cosmetics.

However, the one area that must be done to perfection is the fingernails. The attention to the bouquets, draw the eyes to the hands. The bride and groom will have their hands photographed to show the wedding rings.

Gel polish is the way to go. It is beautiful, comes in many colors and lasts for up to 14 days. Better yet, perfectly shiny polished gel polished nails do not lose their luster. You can use your nails to add a flash of color (red gel nails are awesome) or go with a nude or blush color. The color and shine are cured under a UV light, and they dry hard as diamonds.

If you chose a gel nail color with shimmer or glitter, it is best to go very light. The color will show up in the photographs, and too much glitter will ruin the look of your chic and understated wedding.

Since gel nails are easy to do at home, you will not need to spend a fortune on a manicurist. Instead, have a bridesmaid party and help each other.

Keeping the polish off your skin

There is usually one reason why women are afraid to paint their own nails (especially toenails). It can be difficult to keep the polish off your skin. But, you do not have to worry about that. For just a few dollars, you can buy nail latex. You paint the latex around your nails, on the skin, and let it dry. Now paint your nails and do not worry about slip-ups. When your nails are cured and finished, you simply peel the latex off and you have perfect nails. It works on toes and fingers, and it is easy and cheap.

If you find yourself without latex, use a cotton swab and apply Elmer’s glue around each nail. It dries fast and protects the fingers the same way. Apply the gels polish and top coat, cure it, then peel off the glue.

This is the year of the ultra-chic and lovely wedding. You will be the picture of loveliness in your gown. You do not have to follow tradition. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are. So, don’t be afraid to shine.


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