Tips To Wear Summer Collection In Winters

There is a very strong possibility that mortals like me can get easily and vehemently bored with the winter clothes. In such a case, all you need is ideas to winterize your summer collection. Luckily, there are abundant ways to winterize your summer outfits.

In this post, we will run through some of the most effective tips to help you accessorize and wear your summer collection in winters.

Knee socks, gloves and scarves

Most of us will irrefutably have shorts in our summer collection, which can be very well used in winters too. However, the key here is to accessorize the entire look appropriately. For instance, wear dark colored shorts; adding women accessories like knee socks, hand gloves and a matching scarf will make your summer wear look perfectly ready for a cold day. You can always think of adding extra layers to the look by putting on a stocky cardigan, and choose the color of the cardigan that can go well with any colored top.

Add leggings
Your summer wardrobe collection may even have a knee-length skirt lying in the cupboard. You can very well use that skirt even in winters provided you wear thick leggings underneath. Leggings play a wonderful role in styling a wintery outfit. As far as the colors of leggings are concerned, there is no rule of thumb. It is, however, advisable to wear dark colored leggings that go well in the winters. Some even opt for tights but it is not advisable as leggings add more comfort and warmth to the legs.

Wear designer clutches for women
Clutches play a significant role in creating a stylish fabulous look. This winter, you must look for designer clutches that are both functionally and aesthetically appealing. There is a wide range of women clutches available from which you can choose the one that suits your style and suffices your needs. Designer clutches come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and, therefore, make sure that the clutch matches your summer outfits.

Wear sweaters over summer dresses
We would obviously have summer dresses that are lightweight and come with neutral color to go well with sun kissed skin. The good thing is, such a dress is also wearable in winters. All you need to do is layer a dark colored sweater over the top of the dress. By adding a chunky sweater on it will also help you feel warm. The idea of contrasting the light-colored summer dress with a darker color sweater will create an unprecedented winter look. Make sure that your choice of color scheme doesn’t come across as too summery.

Wear the right jewels
Winters usually are the time when jewellery may get lost in creating an overall look due to addition of layers. However, there are ways to wear the jewel on summer clothes during winters. It is a good idea to wear a long pendant necklace under your scarf. Even a beaded necklace on top of your dress can create a powerful fashion style.

Wearing sunglasses
It may sound insane but sunglasses are actually a wonderful accessory for winters. It’s true that in winters you may not see sun for a long time; however, wearing classy stylish sunglasses is still a great accessory. Just make sure that you select sunglasses that go with your face structure and are comfortable to wear.

It’s all about layering
You can always wear a skimpy top and keep on adding extra layers to it. It is advisable to pile vests and sweaters above your top. Layering is simple and easy, and quite possible to do it on all kinds of summer tops.

Wear capris
Even your summer capris can come in handy this winter. You can easily incorporate the capris in your winter look. If your capris aren’t too short, wear long boots to cover the exposed skin. In addition, wear long socks beneath the boots to keep your legs warm. Those socks will not be seen as they will be inside your boots, and so it doesn’t matter how they look. Just wear them to keep you warm and to stay away from frostbites.

Parting words
You need to be creative in reusing your summer clothing in winters. There are infinite ways to create an impeccable winter look by wearing summer collection. So don’t pack away your summer clothes in winters. Instead, reuse them this winter!

Author Bio: Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – Alysse Sterling, a line of women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.

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