Tips To Style The Pareo!

Summers are almost here and this is the time to pack up all the clothes of winter and say hello to summer essentials. This summer follows the trends and comfort as well. There are many different types of dresses trending this summer but there is one thing common and that is the floral print and vibrant colors. Welcome summers with the vibrant color and beautiful print s and patterns are something very stylish.  One thing that one should not miss out this summer in their wardrobe that is the pareo. Pareos scarfs are the recent trend and have already become popular among the girls.

What is a pareo?

 Pareo is very similar to sarong but is very different because of its origin and features. The Pareo is a craft that can be worn in summers and definitely a perfect piece of clothing for beaches. The pareo was developed in Tahiti and was introduces by the European explorers. It is made using western fabric now Paereo is available in many different colors and the pattern.

This summer choose a pareo with detailed print, floral prints, and some vibrant colors so it becomes easy to style it from every occasion.  In many cultures across the globe,a pareo isa women’s daily wear outfits.

How to style a Pareo

For warm and tropical weather Pareo is a must-have casual outfit. One can style it according to different occasions and different outfits. One can wear a pareo with denim jackets, with a belt to cinch the waist, wrap-around with leggings, like a casual scarf, with one-piece dresses and more.   Here are some tips to style the pareo differently:


One can style the pareo as a scarf. One can simply cover the head with it in order to stay away from dust and stuff. One can also warp is around like a turban and can get a boho look. One can also wrap it around the neck and can cover the head and go to the places where the decent dressing is required. Wearing it like that will give one stylish as well as a decent look.

Make it a skirt

Choose a pareo with solid colors and good cloth material with some neutral pattern and can wear it like a skirt. Simply wrap it around the waist and make a knot or use pins to secure it. This style is perfect for exploring the beaches and coastal towns.

Make it a dress

Going to a cocktail party and nothing new to wear. Don’t worry here is the solution. Take your favorite pareo and wrap it around the body and make it a one-piece dress. Wear some decent jewelry and carry it with a shawl to complete the look. One can buy a shawl from any store or wholesale shawls shop at very reasonable prices.

Pareo is a dynamic and stylish piece of clothing and can be styled in many different ways. Wearing a pareo this summer will help one to beat the heat and look stylish and pretty at the same time.

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