Tips to reduce product returns with reliable ecommerce courier service

As an online seller, your main aim is undoubtedly to drive traffic to your site and increase conversions. However, making a customer place an order with your site is only part of the battle. Next part involves making sure that your customer receives the product on time. This is where you require a reliable and efficient ecommerce shipping solution for your ecommerce business. Unfortunately, that is not the end of the battle. Sometimes, your customers end up receiving damaged goods or incorrect packages and have to return their orders. For creating a positive brand image, you have to make sure that you efficiently handle these returns from your customers and provide a wholesome shopping experience for them.

Apart from the above-mentioned motives, there might be other reasons why the customer wishes to return a product – the product doesn’t fit, the product was not like the picture or simply because the customer didn’t like it. Whatever be the reason, without the support of an efficient ecommerce courier service, handling smooth product returns can be a challenge for every ecommerce business. Especially since, compared to product returns in brick and mortar stores, product returns in online stores is significantly higher.

Even though handling product returns is a problematic and time-consuming affair, it is also a necessary segment in running a successful ecommerce business. It has been proven many times that the majority of customers like to visit an online store again if the process of product return is free and easy. That is why most online sites now offer free return for their products through their ecommerce shipping solutions. Even so, most online sellers are boggled by the questions on how to handle product returns efficiently and how to reduce them to a large extent. To help you figure out, we have compiled a list of few valuable tips on how to manage product returns for your ecommerce business.

  • Explicitly state your return policies

Ensure that your return policies and all the other terms and conditions are clearly mentioned on your website for the customers visiting your online store. Especially if your website sells different kinds of products with multiple ecommerce courier services and you have separate return policies for each product. It should be properly outlined and stated alongside the product details. This will not only help in giving more clarity to the customer but also increase their trust with your brand. Also, you do not have the potential risk of losing customers who worry about returns and having to go through customer care calls.

  • Make it easier for customers to return

This goes without saying – make your return process simpler. This can be achieved through a reliable and efficient ecommerce shipping solution for your website. In order to make your customers repeat customers, make the return process effortless and simpler for the customer. Additionally, you can provide multiple options for returning the products – options in payments, exchange options, courier collection services etc.

Moreover, the entire return process right from disposal, verification, identification, resale processing, unloading and return to manufacturer has to be done with due diligence and in a professional way. That is where you need the services of an expert – reliable support for your logistics needs. An efficient ecommerce courier service that will help you manage the entire process smoothly and swiftly.

  • Seek expert help

As mentioned above, relying on the services of a professional logistics service provider will help you in making your returns processes easy and efficient. If you are still unsure about whether you need a third-party service provider for your shipping and returns, just evaluate the probable costs of the return process. This will give you an estimate of the expenditure that is expected for product returns. During festive and peak shopping seasons this number may go even higher. In order to meet this upsurge in returns, it is better to depend on a third-party ecommerce shipping solution for your logistics. An experienced logistics partner can provide additional resources to handle returns, especially during peak season. Moreover, they can help you streamline the entire shipping process to make your core business more competent.

  • Minimize errors while shipping

Sometimes manual and clerical errors result in incorrect products or addresses. However, with the use of technology, you can minimize these errors to a very large extent. There are now several technology-enabled logistics aggregator platforms that provide you with multiple advanced features while helping you make the entire logistics process simpler and error-free. A logistics aggregator platform not only provides you choices for ecommerce courier services, but also makes your shipping process more efficient and easier. Advanced logistics platforms even automatically sync all your orders from different selling platforms and easily generate shipping labels. This not only simplifies the process but also minimises the chances of errors.

  • Specify product description in detail

Make every product description as extensive and detailed as possible. Along with product description in written format, provide more than one and clear product pictures. Also, provide clear size and material descriptions for your fashion products. This will help your ecommerce shipping solution to avoid exchanges. Since electronics and apparels are biggest categories in terms of sales in India, other details that you provide within your product catalogue include displaying the product in different colours (if available), rendering multiple views and adding customer feedback about the product. Giving an option for the customer to post questions and queries regarding the product can also build customer confidence. This helps the customer in understanding the product properly before making the purchase. Moreover, this increases the chances of a conversion.

Hopefully, these tips help your ecommerce brand in reducing product returns and the extra expenditure that comes along with it. Remember, with the help of an experienced and professional ecommerce courier service, the product returns process can be much simplified. Since most of your customers will return to your site if the returns are effortless and easy, it is imperative to make the process simpler. Look for a logistics partner that will help you achieve that.

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