Tips to Protect Your Security Cameras

Considering the security related to the digital world, the world there is a little ignorant and does not take this seriously. This has led to the number of financial frauds, theft of identity, and an immense privacy loss. You might be safeguarding your computers because of the amount of personal information in them. However, the diligence level comes down when it comes to the security camera systems and the routers. Hackers count on this and are actively looking to fish out information. Some of the important tips that you should follow to protect your security systems in this digital generation and from natural pests are:

Preventing the Camera from Being Stolen

How can you prevent your camera from getting stolen? It is best to place camera within one an arm’s distance. The best place to keep the camera is on the wall, roof overhang, on top of a wall mounting, or right below the eave. This helps in preventing stealing of the camera. Also, it is a good practice to hide the DVR systems under a bookshelf, cupboard, or some hidden places to prevent the systems from being stolen.

Update the Firmware

There are high-tech criminals out there who create a whole lot of malware and new-age techniques to get into security camera systems. In order to counter this, there are hardware manufacturers who push out updates for the firmware. If the router is known to support updates that are automatic, then it is better to leave the router on for these updates. This option is not found on the router. The manufacturer’s website needs to be visited to check if there is any new update on the software. If a particular firm has stopped from releasing firmware, it is best to purchase a new router from a different manufacturer.

Turn Off the Features of The Router That Is Not Useful

The features that are usually not useful are access through the remote and universal plugging as a play kind of facility. Most of these routers have the universal plug and play features turned off at the start itself. This is because the universal features have seen a lot of data hacks and data thefts.

Preventing the Fogging, Condensation, or Clouding of The Camera

Fogging is something that need not be worried about. It usually goes away after the dawn of the day. If it stays for long, it is best to use a gel made up of silica inside the case of the camera. However, the condensation on security camera systems might still happen because the camera is not sealed adequately. It is best to clean the camera dome that is placed inside and press the ring foam on the glass.

Protecting the Equipment from Insects and Pests

In order to keep away the insects like spiders, it is best to use sprays for bugs on the camera. As an alternate solution, you can use external IR lamp/lights or IR LEDs to keep away the bugs. Some users use jelly made out of petroleum on the area that surrounds the camera. There are some natural insect repellants that could keep away the spider from making webs on the exterior portion of the camera. This includes peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and many more. Regular cleaning of the camera can remove the problems with security cameras.

All these tips are great for beginners in security camera systems maintenance. As you gain experience, you will be able to handle this with great finesse. Also, one can find a lot of these tips online and most of them usually work. Just remember that securing the security systems go a long way in securing the safety of your family as well.

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