Tips to Protect your Hair from Damage while Sleeping

Tips to Protect your Hair from Damage while Sleeping

Do you want to keep your hair healthy?  It isn’t to use the best hair straighteners, you also have to incorporate hair care tips for bedtime, if you want amazing looking hair. Yes, you can face hair problems during sleeping also. When you are in deep slumber or are fully unconscious, you can face hair damage or impairment. Well, there are no particular reasons for this. But, it can be because of improper hair styling methods or bad linens.

Since different people have different hair texture, it is not easy to find out why people face hair problems during sleep. But, if you don’t maintain specific hair care and follow certain tips for keeping your hair healthy, you can surely face hair damage. In this article, I have specifically shared tips that people should follow for protecting their hair from damage during sleep:

  1. Dry your Hair before Going to Sleep

In comparison to dry hair, wet hair is more susceptible to damage and impairment. When wet, hair becomes weak and can fall or damaged. So, sleeping with wet hair can lead to hair loss and is a bad idea. Well, you can take showers at night. But, you need to make sure to dry your hair before sleeping. For drying your hair, you can use a blow dryer or moisturizer. Before sleeping, dry your hair properly to prevent tangles and damage.

  1. Comb your Hair before Sleeping

Brushing hair before sleeping is a great way to prevent knots and tangles that occur due to poor styling methods or activities. Also, brushing your hair at night can save you valuable time in the morning for combing out big knots. So, you must brush your hair before going to sleep. According to your preference, you can use any good quality hairbrush. Ideally, you should choose a brush with natural bristles or a wide tooth comb. Brush your hair from root to tip for about 10 minutes. Keep you scalp healthy and avoid hair impairment in the morning.

  1. Avoid Elastic Bands or Rubber Bands

Your favorite elastic band or rubber band can cause various hair problems. By wearing different color elastic bands, you can put extra stress on your hair scalp and hair roots and can face hair impairment. All your money spent on hair styling and hair straightening products can go in vain with the use of elastic bands during sleep. So, for preventing hair damage, you must avoid these bands while sleeping. And for tying your ponytail, you can use a soft scrunchie. With this tool, you can tie your hair quickly without worrying about hair impairment. After using elastic bands throughout the day, it is strictly recommended to remove them before sleeping.

  1. Consider the Right Pillowcase

Your pillowcase can also cause hair fall problems. Most pillowcases are made of materials like nylon, polyester and poly-cotton blends. These materials have the capability of snagging hair, causing them to break during the night. So, it’s better to sleep on soft and delicate pillowcases, such as silk or satin pillowcases. Instead of causing breaking or damaging problems, these pillowcases protect hair. On these pillowcases, you can get comfortable sleep and can avoid hair fall and hair loss problems.

  1. Apply an Overnight Solution

It is a great idea to apply an overnight solution before sleeping. This solution can moisturize and condition the hair shaft. Throughout the night, you can keep your hair hydrated and protect them from damage. According to your choice, you can use Moroccan oil or lemongrass oil as the overnight solution. Apply this solution gently on all the sections of hair. Next, wrap your hair in a fabric material or silk scarf. Then, sleep on your bed without washing your hair. In the morning, apply your shampoo on your oily hair and wash them with water. By following these steps, you can certainly avoid hair damage and get shiny, silky hair.

Wrapping Up

By following some essential tips, you can prevent hair fall and hair loss problems that can occur during sleep. For protecting your hair from damage, you should avoid sleeping with wet hair. Before sleeping, you should brush your hair with a wide tooth comb or any good quality hair brush. Instead of using elastic bands, you should use soft scrunchies for tying your ponytail. You should avoid sleeping on pillowcases made up of materials such as polyester and nylon that can make hair to breakage. You should make a solution by using lemongrass oil or Moroccan oil, apply it on your hair and wash your hair in the morning with water and shampoo. With these tips, you can definitely avoid hair damage during sleep and keep hair healthy for longer periods.

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