Tips to notic before purchasing a Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Before buying jewelry, the average customer’s brain is shrouded by a number of questions. The very fact that one is purchasing something which is more special than its high monetary value motivates buyers to indulge in some research before swiping their cards at their jewelry store’s counter. This is why we have put together some tips for anyone who is considering buying a diamond solitaire pendant.

Why should one buy a Solitaire pendant?

It is a widely acknowledged fact that no other gemstone can shine as bright as a diamond! The most common solitaire purchase is an engagement ring; however a pendant is an amazing buy too! It transcends barriers of age and occasion. Solitaire Pendants can be worn on a wide array of occasions; ranging from everyday office wear to a fancy dinner party ornament! It can also be the perfect gift: an anniversary present for your wife or a graduation present to your daughter. Pendants act as a universal solution to each woman’s jewellery woes!

4 Top Tips for buying a Solitaire Pendant:

  • You should consider the most important 4C’s before purchasing your glorious diamond: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. Well-cut diamonds are always preferred since they contribute to the brilliance and shine of the diamond. The size of the diamond is a very important factor as well; for obvious reasons.
  • You should consider purchasing a diamond that comes with an authentic certification by GIA or AGS since that will ensures best quality. However, keep it in mind that Diamonds of less than 0.50 carats would not have a certification.
  • You should also factor in the material used in the chain. White gold or platinum chain is the classic gift for someone who likes to keep it contemporary and classic! However, if someone is looking at a rich traditional look; yellow gold is a better choice.
  • Another factor is the length of the chain. The most common pendant chains are of 16 inches which lets the pendant rest nicely on the collarbone and flaunt it however, other sizes are available too! These lengths go up till 20 inches and are adjustable which gives you a number of options to style the pendant depending on the outfit.


Even before there was the web to talk about it, solitaire pendants and necklaces dominated the jewelry scene. With advancement of the human race, there was a parallel advancement in the art of jewelry as well. After reading through this blog, investing in a solitaire pendant will prove to be a cakewalk for you!

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