Are you fond of wearing beautiful ethnic wear on special occasions? The chances are that you might as well have a huge collection of the most designer ethnic wear including Chanderi Hand Block Print Saree, stitched & unstitched cotton suits, lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, and so more. There is no denying the fact that ethnic wear can change your lifestyle dramatically. When you adopt the style of wearing ethnic wear for a myriad of occasions, it only makes you feel more glamorous and confident about yourself.

While you might love collecting and adorning ethnic wear for yourself, it is imperative for you to take care of and maintain the ethnic collection carefully at the same time. When you have sarees and salwar suits from the best ethnic women clothing manufacturers out there, it is your responsibility to take good care of the delicate clothing items. If you are skeptical of the right ways to take care of your ethnic collection, here are some expert tips:

1. Say No to Naphthalene Balls: While it is a common tradition passed down for ages to keep those white, round-shaped naphthalene balls in secure packages containing our ethnic collection, it is a habit that you should starting doing away with as soon as possible. It is a common belief that naphthalene balls help in protecting the delicate layers of ethnic wear by keeping away the mites and other cloth-eating bugs.

However, it is also important to understand that the harmful chemicals present in these balls only harm the delicate texture of your favorite saree or lehenga choli in the long run. With some special textures or fabrics like Zari sarees or silk sarees, the balls might end up turning the fabric completely black or might leave unsightly patches on the cloth. It might even damage the borders along with the heavy work on most of your ethnic wear.

2. Trust the Dry clean Services: When you have a series of delicate, designer ethnic wear, including salwar suits, lehenga cholis, and sarees, it is important to ensure their best-ever care. Once you have worn a particular dress, it is best recommended to avoid washing them on your own. The harmful chemicals of the laundry detergents might only harm the delicate fabric of such clothing. Therefore, it is recommended to only consider reliable dry-cleaning services in your area.

Most of the ethnic wear, dresses are not meant for hand-washing or machine washing. You can only prevent damage and retain the original beauty by availing professional dry-cleaning services in your region.

3. Make Use of Proper Covers for Storage: When you are storing the delicate heavy-work sarees or salwar suits in your wardrobe, it is recommended to make use of high-quality, protective covers. Thankfully, you can come across a huge collection of the best quality of protective covers for all your ethnic wear. Depending on the size and fabric of your ethnic collection, you can bring home the best quality of protective covers for the ethnic collection.

4. Avoid Using Perfumes Directly on the Cloth: While perfumes and deodorants might not damage the fabric of your ethnic wear, they might still create grounds for viruses and bacteria in the clothing layers. When you make use of perfumes on your cloth and keep the same without cleaning it, viruses could develop in the long run. Try applying perfumes & deodorants on your skin –around the neck & wrists, to avoid damaging your cloth.

Ensure the best for your ethnic wear by taking proper care of the delicate materials. Look forward to buying unstitched cotton suits wholesale for the best results.

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