Tips to hire South Coast nannies the era of COVID-19

Being a parent in today’s tough times is certainly challenging. Not only do you have to worry about disruptions at work, but you would also have to contend with a radical shift in the daily routine of your kids. Be it lockdown or online schooling, parents are witnessing trends never seen before. As such, having reliable North Shore nannies can prove to be a boon.

But you need to keep in mind certain considerations to ensure that there is no violation of these rules when you hire a nanny. Some important points worth noting are as below:

1 – Check local guidelines

You can check local regulations prevalent in your county or city to know. Some may allow in-home childcare, while others have disallowed it.  This way, you can ensure that you maintain your adherence to the local guidelines while hiring a nanny. Abiding by the guidelines also ensure that the nanny follows a strict regimen every day upon arriving at the house. These include removing the shoes, placing the coats by the door, and washing the hands immediately upon stepping into the premises. She needs to be upfront about even the slightest change to the health status and prevent transmission risks to the homeowner’s family members.

2 – Assess the nanny’s COVID preparedness

You can check if the nanny works in multiple households. If so, then whether these are free from the pandemic effects. This way, you can rest assured that there won’t be any transmission risks. You can evaluate whether the nanny maintains CDC guidelines on social distancing and using masks and hand sanitisers every single time she comes from outside and steps into your home. Check if she is not experiencing any symptoms that point towards being affected by COVID-19. Earlier, many nannies were committed to fulfilling their duties even when they were under the weather. But in today’s difficult times, it is best to clearly tell her not to come in even in case of the slightest spike in body temperature or if she notices any other symptom that results from the onset of CVOID-19. This way, you can prevent exposure risk to your loved ones.

3 – Assess your own preparedness

Both nannies and homeowners need to share responsibility and follow CDC guidelines in keeping the environment safe from virus transmission fears. This step will encourage a more positive ambience where the nanny can discharge her duties for the betterment of the child’s health, safety, and overall development. If anyone in the family is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, it is wise to request the nanny to stop coming over for a few days until the quarantine period is over.

4 – Mask policy

If you have a mask policy, then make it clear upfront. This way, the nanny will know whether she must keep the mask on for the entire duration she is at the house interacting with the kids or other family members. Some homeowners may be lenient about this policy, while others may strongly insist on it. So, it is better to be on the same page at the very beginning itself. But as a homeowner, make sure to factor in the nanny’s opinions too on this matter.

5 – Have an SOP in place

It is best to have clear operating procedures that govern the nanny’s working when she is around the child or present in your house. The nanny needs to wash hands frequently and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet when in public areas (like shopping). Plus, she can know the rules around preparing and cooking food, washing utensils, and disinfecting surfaces that are prone to a high volume of surface-level touching (like bathroom or kitchen). Homeowners can provide a supply of tissue papers, clean hand towels, hand sanitisers, and soaps. These need to be kept safely out of the kid’s reach.

To sign off

These were some tips to take note of when looking for South Coast nannies for your kids. Times are tough, and rules might seem to pile up one after the other. But it is better than staring at the perilous alternative of being stuck with the virus. Hope you make the right decision and provide a simulating growth environment to your child with expert nannies.

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