Tips to Get Softer and Plumper looking Lips

The world is obsessed with bigger and fuller lips thanks to Kylie Jenner! The on-going trend has been here for a while and seems to be there forever. Gone are the days when thin lips were considered a sign of beauty these days it is all about bigger, fuller, thicker and plumper lips. However, thick lips do not just mean big lips it also means softer and perfectly hydrated lips. In a world where everyone wants to look perfect and tries to follows each and every on-going beauty trends, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the world is obsessed with ‘big lips’, probably not everyone but majority of  people are.
You must be lucky if you are naturally blessed with fuller lips however not everyone has big lips. But it is nothing to feel sad about because these days there is a solution for everything.

You can buy lips makeup products in Australia and give your lips an appearance of fuller lips or you can also opt for lip fillers. While lip makeup products are an inexpensive way of enhancing your lips lip fillers can be quite expensive and permanent. Moreover, if you are someone who wants plump lips for an occasion or just a day then lip fillers are definitely your thing.

Fortunately, getting fuller lips through makeup is quite easy with makeup. Here are a few tips to achieve big lips through makeup.

Apply a base

Well, there is nothing better than hydrating your lips but do you know that it can get you fuller lips too. By applying a lip balm you can give your lips an appearance of full lips. While getting a lip balm it is better to look for something that contains peppermint as it helps in boosting blood flow to the lips. Allow the lip balm to get absorbed and then proceed further.

Smooth your lips

Smooth lips look brighter and lighter giving them a thicker and fuller appearance. You can use a lip sugar scrub to smooth out the lips and give them a bigger appearance. If you want instant results then you can use a toothbrush and gently scrub your lips. Once you are done with scrubbing make sure to moisturize them.

Even your lips

Once your lips are ready it is time to even them out. Do not apply lipstick straight out. Apply a base, you can use a concealer or foundation as a base. It gives your lips a smoother finish for application, fuller lips and reflects the true color of the lipstick. Spread the base onto your lips and a little bit above over the lip line to give a larger canvas for the application of a lipstick.

Check out the cupid’s bow

Well, the Cupid ’s bow not only looks cute but can give you fuller and thick lips too. Yes, the dip above your upper lip can make your lips appear bigger. Make sure to apply a tiny bit of highlighter on the Cupid ’s bow and it will automatically give you fuller looking lips.

Use a lip liner

Lip liner should be your best friend if you want thicker and fuller looking lips. Use a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than the natural color of your lips. Apply the lip liner to outline your lips. A darker lip liner than your natural lip color gives a more natural look.

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