Tips To Choose Your Anarkali Suit’s Borders

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Check out the wardrobe of any fashion -conscious Indian woman today and you are sure to find an Anarkali suit in it. This attire has become a hot favorite with women in all age groups. You will find many small girls adorning this outfit and they look extremely cute in it. 


Anarkali Suits are mostly gorgeous and lavish and hence can be worn on special functions, parties, weddings, receptions and so on. Anarkalis come in different patterns and designs. While some come with borders; some are plain. Borders play a crucial role in this costume and the wrong choice can hamper the looks and appeal of the same greatly.

Need for the Anarkali border

To put it in simple terms, the Anarkali border makes the dress complete. While some women prefer lace work, embroidery or other kinds of adornments in the anarkalis; having a border gives it a different look and feel altogether. An interesting twist is added to the garment with the borders. The hem of the costume gets highlighted with the borders and this provides an additional weight to the Anarkali. The extra long flounce and flare of the anarkalis get a break with the height lengthening borders.

Choosing the right Anarkali borders – some tips

It has been noted that the border of the anarkalis have the capacity of making or breaking the design of the costume. So, it is important to keep things in mind like design, length and fabric of the attire, while choosing borders for the same.

  1. Micro borders in simple designs are best for anarkalis, which are till calf-length.
  2. For anarkalis till floor length, use borders that are almost 8-10 inches broad.
  3. Heavy borders work well for anarkalis in which the flares begin from the shoulders.
  4. On delicate and light fabrics like chiffon, heavily embroidered borders are a strict no-no.
  5. If the Anarkali is heavily embellished, delicate and thin borders are the best option.
  6. For gorgeous and flashy Anarkali, settle for a sober and simple border and vice versa.
  7. For asymmetrical and uneven hems, borders should be avoided at all costs.

Choosing borders for anarkalis as per body type

We know that all kinds of anarkalis do not look good on all body types. The case stands true for Anarkali suit borders as well. Choose borders as per the body type:

  1. Tall figure – Tall figure is best for anarkalis. Try broad and bold borders on anarkalis if you are tall. You can also experiment with border types with fabric block or color block. Indian patterns, graphic geometrical patterns look good. You can also try bright brocades, gota and Kutch work on the anarkalis.
  1. Plump figure – Avoid anarkalis if you have a plump figure. However, if you insist on wearing them try uneven flares and asymmetrical hems. It makes the dress feel light. Play with shoulder panel variety and avoid bust cut by all means.
  1. Petite figure – If you are the one with a petite frame, try sleek but bright border styles in anarkalis. Bold and broad borders are not for your figure. Look for delicate cutwork, dainty and pretty patterns and textures.
  1. Slim figure – Do not settle for borders that seem delicate and fragile. Geometric pattern works and borders in gradation are excellent for slim figure. Use same kinds of borders on the sleeve as well.


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