Tips to ace the GRE and study abroad

Students seeking admissions in graduate or business schools abroad have to undertake the GRE or Graduate Record Examinations which is one of the major requirements to get admitted into these institutions worldwide. It is mostly required by all the colleges in the USA and a few colleges in other countries. Students who clear this exam successfully are eligible to get admission to master’s and doctoral degree programs in these institutions. Studying abroad in the USA, Canada is a dream come true for many students. As such almost 6 lakh students apply each year for this exam.

  • Before you start preparing for the GRE, it is wise to take a look at the GRE scores that are expected by a university for a particular program. Since there are no cutoff marks in this exam, ultimately it is you who will decide whether you have the score that is required to apply for the program of your choice. Most of the universities mention the minimum or average GRE scores needed in the admission requirements. By taking a look at scores and your GRE test results you will understand whether you have a shot of getting into the university. Therefore the first step in preparing for your exam is that you have to set a target score for yourself and then work towards it.
  • Once you have set the target score, then you have to take a practice GRE test to determine your level of preparation in all the sections of the test. Then take a test from a proper website to determine where you stand. You can now decide on the areas that you want to improve more and make the study time table accordingly.
  • You should take some time to acquaint yourself with the question paper format as this will also help you in planning how much time you should devote to a particular section in the paper. The next step is to review the basic content in each section like the formulas of geometry because the most difficult questions in the paper are based on simple high school level concepts.
  • The quality of the study material is very important because if you prepare well from poor resources you stand to lose in the exam. As such people go for GRE coaching in Chennai or their city as they will provide you with relevant and certified material for the exam. There are also some good websites where you can find easy to understand explanations of any topic you want, sample question papers, and effective tips for the exam.

Spend some time identifying your weak points so that you are not thrown off by any challenging questions in the question paper. Always remember that all the sections are not equally important for you. For example, if you are applying for any social science program then you need to focus more on your verbal reasoning section. Therefore you must also identify which sections are more important and relevant for your program. Following these simple tips will certainly help you to get the desired GRE score you want.

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