Tips on Surviving Frequent Business Trips

No matter the career path you’ve chosen, there will always come the time when you have to go on a business trip, but some people travel so much that it has become a bit of a drag. Business trips can be both a positive and negative experience, but there are things you can do to always ensure you have positive impressions. Here’s what you should do.

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Create a routine

If you’re a frequent business traveler, having a routine is an essential component to staying healthy and sane. Forget about cramming sightseeing, museums and nights out all in one visit to the city. What you really need is to get a relaxing bath, some healthy food and a good night’s sleep. You’ll check out the sights some other time. However, don’t skip some physical activity, good meals, and stay hydrated.

Have two sets of important stuff

Constant packing and unpacking can be very frustrating, that’s why it’s a smart idea to have duplicates of your most important things. For instance, get two pairs of comfy shoes, toiletries, makeup products and some clothing items. Some of these extra things can even be tax deductible but check with your accountants. You can also leave your duplicate stuff at a location you visit frequently if you have a close friend there. Let’s say you’re traveling to New York couple of times a month; in that case, you can leave some bigger items you need for work with your friend, so you don’t need to drag them with you all the time.

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Pack accordingly

Things I never go on a business trip without are wireless internet cards and USBs. Even though most hotels and airports have Wi-Fi, sometimes you have to pay extra or have problems with bad signal and slow speeds. Wireless internet cards will always provide me with good and reliable internet wherever I go. Also, make sure to always have all the necessary things on your USB. They can store everything you’ll ever need for your business trip and they fit in your pocket. Another thing you’ll probably need is your phone cord and an extra battery. You never know if you’ll have access to an outlet, so having an extra full battery can really be a lifesaver. I also like to create a calendar for myself and keep it in my laptop bag. This way, I can make quick notes, check dates and keep track of my schedule. Just don’t forget to bring a good ol’ pen or pencil!

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 Take time to meet with friends

A friend can make anything better, even a long business trip. If you know someone in the city you’re visiting, don’t hesitate to give them a call and organize a meeting. You’ll get to catch up with them and take your mind off those business obligations. Interactions with new people can be exhausting, but seeing a familiar face is more than refreshing. It can also make you feel less lonely when you’re away from your family and friends.

Pick a good hotel

When you travel, try to avoid surprises, especially the bad ones you can come across in a cheap hotel. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra money on a reliable hotel with good service and clean and comfy rooms. A good bed can make your trip much more bearable and make you more productive and better at your work. Comfort should be your top priority. Don’t pick a hotel just because it has a casino in a lobby or a good bar with entertainment. Choose a hotel that will offer you comfort and stress-free environment while you’re away from home.

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As you probably know, business trips aren’t the most pleasant trips you can take, but they are a necessity for almost every business today. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to stay relaxed, energetic and healthy on your trip and come back home to your family and friends in no time.

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