Tips in Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Finish

One of the impactful decisions to make when creating the perfect kitchen is choosing the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen. The finish alone can make an impact on the overall kitchen design and is as important as the colour and style. So picking out the right one is no simple task.

There are tons of decisions to make, including deciding which cabinet finish to go for. Each cabinet finish comes with its own pros and cons. Below we highlight the pros and cons of each finish, from matt to high gloss kitchen cabinet finish, to help you choose which one works best for your kitchen.

High gloss kitchen cabinet finish

There is a growing popularity contemporary kitchen trends that feature glossy and reflective surfaces. Not only are these surfaces easy to clean, but high gloss surfaces reflect a great of amount of light. It is the ideal finish for small kitchen spaces.

A glossy finish works best in a contemporary kitchen style with flat cabinet fronts. As the light is reflected on the glossy surface, it makes the kitchen look larger and more open. That’s why a gloss finish is ideal for kitchen with small spaces.

One popular colour in this finish is a white gloss. The lighter the colour, the more reflection will be created.

The drawback of a glossy finish is that it easily shows the imperfections on the surface. A glossy surface requires regular cleaning to remove fingerprint marks, spills, smudges and dirt.

Matt kitchen cabinet finish

A matt cabinet finish is more ideal for a country or traditional style kitchen. This particular finish does not reflect light and doesn’t show any fingerprint marks.

Although it has a smooth surface that covers imperfections, it is not as easy to clean compared with a glossy finish. But scratches and other marks are definitely not as noticeable.

One of the drawbacks of a matt finish is the possibility of a muted look because light is not reflected. To avoid a flat, boring look, choose a contrasting colour for the cabinets in order to create a visual interest.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or making a new one, keep in mind that the cabinet’s finish depends on a number of factors. But it all boils down to your style and preference. Consider the suggestion above in making a designer kitchens cabinet finish.

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