Almost all families living in the city are familiar with an oil diffuser. This is a device used to diffuse the minuscule oil molecular into the air around our living space. It seems to us that people who have used it certainly will use it for all their life. As soon as they realize the advantages of this device, they want to keep it in their houses so that every day they can live in the purest and most comfortable area. That is what the best essential oil nebulizer diffusers can bring to us. However, how to use this device effectively is one matter that a lot of people have to deal with. They are confused in using so in this article, we will give you instructions in details.

1.         Some Types Of Oil To Diffuse Effectively

There are a wide variety of oil scents for you to choose: passionate, romantic, pure or soothing. You can choose whatever you want and here are some fragrances for you.

•           Citrus: this group consists of lemon, grapefruit, oranges and tangerines

•           Flowers: this group includes lavender, rose, Ylang Ylang, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary

•           Wood: this group comprises sandalwood, Fokienia.

•           Amalgam: citrus fresh, stress relief, cherry or calm.

And some other pure oil scents can symbolizes different effects. For instance, the lavender can make people keep calm and sooth. The blend, peace and calm can help to stimulate children or make them relax to fall into their sleep. That is why this flower is often used for soothing or balance the emotion of people. Another instance is that the lemon fragrance can help to filter the air and neutralize mold, moss, smoke and other irritating smells.


2.         Using Instructions For Effective Diffusion

Diffusing the oil in cold air is very beneficial. It is the best to start by diffusing oil for 15 – 30 minutes per day and then increase gradually to 1 -2 hours each day. You should remember that only natural oil mentioned above is used. Never use vegetable or massage oil to diffuse. These oils can make stuck in some parts of the diffuser. Furthermore, do not mix the oil with water when you use the diffuser.

The lighter the oil is, the more quickly it is diffused. For example, the lavender and lemon oil are diffused more quickly than wood oils. Integrated in the diffuser is the time setting. You can set time for diffusing the oil all day, especially for people who cannot sleep easily.

For traveling, without a diffuser, you can drop a little oil into the sprayer. You can spray the oil into the rooms you book in the hotel or spray to the seats in the plane or in your offices. This is a good idea to help you keep the fragrance all the time.


3.         Clean The Oil Diffuser

Remember that always wash the diffuser if you want to:

•           Change the oil scent, for example, change from lavender to grapefruit scent

•           Clean parts and details of the diffuser as they contain too much dust

•           The oil remained have stayed in the diffuser for a long time and you do not use it

The most important thing is that you have to disconnect the electric power before cleaning. The best way is to wash the diffuser with hot water. You ought to minimize the amount of soap or detergent on the grounds that such thing will leave artificial scent in the diffuser, which can change the fragrance of the oil when the diffuser works. If the washing water is hot enough, it will help to remove all the amount of oil in the diffuser. After washing you had better dry it before using.

It is clear that using the oil diffuser does not bewilder anyone. The problem is that users do not read the using instructions or do not ask the consultants about this. Here are some details for using, we hope that together with your experience, you will know how to take advantage of this device and increase its lifespan. If you have any problem in using the oil diffuser, please let us know by writing your comments here.



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