Tips For Plus Size Girls Who Don’t Know How To Pick a Dress For Prom

The time for prom season is finally approaching and with it the stress of not knowing what dress to choose. And is that if you have a little extra pounds, you are undoubtedly wondering what kind of prom dress is better for me? How do I do to stylize my figure? Do not worry anymore! With this Jovani plus size guide you will know exactly what to look for when you go to buy your perfect plus size prom dress. If you follow these fashion tips, you can disguise the excess of curves at the moment you want, and just in time for your prom party in which you have to shine, and not only for your sympathy.

If you have a few extra pounds left over, the first thing you should do is look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself as you are, do not be martyred, you are as beautiful as any other girl.

Analyze yourself first

Surely you can take advantage of your face. For example, it is likely that you have beautiful hair, in which case, if it is long, try to make a collection with some ornament that highlights its color or shape.

1- If you have a cute collar, try a lovely necklace, which also matches a suit.

2- If your eyes are the best of yourself, learn to improve makeup and unleash them with all the power you are capable of.

3- If you have beautiful hands, adorn them with rings and bracelets, and do without other ornaments, to fix attention on them. A nice color for your nails can also do a lot for your hands.

4- In the same way, if you have beautiful feet, it does not matter that they are a little thick. Use open sandal and decorate with nail polish.

Do not obsess about your weight.

To be liked and give a good impression of yourself, it is necessary that you do not obsess about everything you do not like about your body (fat, or a large abdomen). Remember a size XL is not at odds with beauty).

1- But for this, you must be a little flirtatious and confident.

2- Listen to your friends when they tell you what they like most about you, and listen to them.

3- Physical appearance is the first thing we see in others, so try to remember all those aspects of your physique that you like, and empower them. To do this, make a mental list.

The best tips according to the shape of your body

In Jovani cute prom dresses are not reserved exclusively for thin women. You do not have to wear any ordinary dress or a huge one.

As for other girls, you should look for the gowns with the colors that best suit you, quality prom dresses, with the right fabrics and good cuts only Jovani has for you, for this you must know yourself and know what suits you well.

Here are ways to look at it when it comes to the breast. The first is for girls who want to show their attributes that day, if that is your case, then choose a dress with V neckline and try not to have ornaments in that area.

The second is if you do want something more conservative then you need a closed dress in that part, a round or square neckline, with no decorations in the area. Choose a minimalist style, as explained on Even More Plus Size Trends for Fall by Marie Claire Magazine.

Little bust

For girls with little bust strapless dresses with embroidery or draping at that height will significantly favor them. Halter necklines or corset style waist with preformed cups are ideal.

If you want to hide your back

If you have a wide back, avoid at all costs the dresses with thin straps or strapless. For you will work wide straps or asymmetrical necklines.

If you do not have a waist

Then opt for dresses that are snug at that height and that are baggy on the hip side. You can also choose the dresses that create an illusion in that area.

Beware of belts

If you want to add a belt to your dress, do not use it in the waist area but under the bust. So the fall of the dress will stylize your silhouette.

Wide hip

Try to use A-style or empire style in your dresses, this way you will hide your hips. Say no to tight dresses or ornaments in that area.

If you are tall

If you are tall, you will look great with dresses on patterned fabrics (without exaggeration), strapless necklines and dresses that have the size of one color and the skirt of another.

If you are short

Avoid dresses that benefit tall girls and choose single-colored, one-shoulder, halter neckline dresses and preferably short ones.

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