Tips for Losing Weight Without Stress

When you decide to lose weight, you usually start a diet combined with physical activity. And it works. As long as you spend more calories than you eat, you will get results. However, it can sometimes be overwhelming. It can feel like all you have are restrictions and it’s too hard. Well, here are some tips on how to stay on track and lose weight without the unnecessary stress.

Avoid dwelling on the no-no’s

It’s just what we all do. First, we start whining and stressing about the things we love, but won’t be allowed to eat anymore. Do the opposite. Make a long list of food you can eat. Put it all on paper, read it, and you’ll see that there are many things that you actually like and can look forward to. Don’t think about that big fat burger, it’s just junk food anyway. Think about the delicious garden chicken salad you can make or the lovely, yet healthy desserts you can have every day.

Switch to diet versions of the things you like

For example, if you drink milk or yoghurt every day, you can still do it, but switch to the low-fat ones. The difference in taste between regular and 1% fat milk is not as notable as the difference in calories you’ll intake. The same goes for cream cheese. You can buy the ones with less milk fat. It will still taste good. Choose cereals without the added sugar, whole-grain bread instead of white, and fresh fruit instead of fruit juice with added sugar. The difference is enormous. Not only will you save on calorie count, but you’ll end up eating healthier food. Choosing brown rice over white could even help with your digestion and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Make your own coffee without the extra sugar or whipped cream, but rather with skimmed milk and stevia. Eating low-calorie versions of your favorite foods will eliminate the stress of refraining from things you enjoy on a daily basis.

Make your physical activities fun

Being physically active is as good for your overall health as it is for your diet. So, be as creative as possible with your exercise ideas, because you don’t want to lose your motivation to work out just a few days after you start. Make exercise fun – take up pole dancing, urban rebounding or doga. Choose activities that include other people – if you know your friends are waiting for you, it’s less likely that you will skip a practice. Think about team sports, like recreational soccer. If it’s not something you’ve done before, it will surely be interesting. Also, choosing nice and colorful soccer gear will make it even more fun. In fact, you will look forward to your workout time more if you wear clothes or use other equipment that you like. Wearing those yoga clothes you love will give you that extra push towards a healthy lifestyle. And if you don’t think you will enjoy any of these activities, dancing is an effective way of exercise you might like.

Beautiful tattoo
Beautiful tattoo

Reward yourself properly

Showing discipline with your diet and workout regimen is something you can be proud of and you should reward yourself for it. You should, but not by devouring a family-sized pizza for dinner. Instead, buy yourself that bag you’ve wanted for so long. Get those shoes to match that gorgeous dress you can wear now, thanks to the fact you’ve lost a few pounds. Treat yourself to a weekend in a spa to relax. Get tickets to your favorite band’s concert and take your friend or your significant other with you. Go on a short weekend trip, or best of all, buy sports gear to improve your workout sessions even more. Reaching a goal is much easier when there’s a reward for you at the end of the road, so use that motivation the best way you can.

Follow these pieces of precious advice to help you lose weight without losing your nerve. And don’t give up. Even if you stumble, get up and try again. It’s your health and well-being you’re doing it for.


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