Tips for Glass Pool Fencing in Gold Coast QLD

Gone are the days when people used to consider a person, with a private pool, somebody financially well-off. In this modern era, you will find several homes with their own swimming pools in their backyards. Most of you have a yard that has a lovely view. On the other hand, most of you also wish to enclose your pools in a rather non-obtrusive manner. In such scenarios, the best answer would be to use a glass fence. It is needless to say that glass fences do cost a bit more than simple wooden fences. However, it will be a good idea to search for one of the best installers who can do the installation nicely.

Types of Glass Fences

When it comes to the types of a glass fence from Total Vision Pool, there are basically 2 options that you have. These are frameless or framed glass fences. When you talk about a framed glass fence, it basically refers to the actual glass being held in place either on both the sides or on all four sides with the help of a wooden or metal railing.

At the same time, a frameless glass fence is literally as the name suggests. It does not have anything present in between the panels that may block the view to the other side. Both framed and frameless glass fences can be installed in a variety of ways and these are also available in a wide array of designs. These are two of the primary factors to determine the cost of the installation.

You will be surprised to know that the frameless glass fences cost more to install. At the same time if you opt for a framed glass fence that comes with high-quality metal poles, it can prove to be equally expensive. Installing a frameless glass fence requires the use of a slightly thicker glass. However, it is up to the installer to choose the thickness based on your design.

Plexiglass Fencing

If you are not willing to go the expensive way of installing pure glass fences around your pool and yet wish for it, a good alternative would be to opt for plexiglass. Although it is less expensive than glass, it cannot wear the elements the way glass does. As time goes by, the harmful UV rays of the sun and the salt present in the air will eventually force the plexiglass to transform from a clear look to a cloudy look. There are also several homeowners who say that plexiglass can also scratch easily when you try to clean it.

Benefits of a Glass Fence

There are several benefits of installing a glass fence.

  • Glass fences can easily make your yard and pool appear to be much bigger than it actually is.
  • These type of fences do not block the view at all, which is good if you have a scenic view around your property.
  • Glass fences also suit most of the landscaping designs, which makes it a rather versatile option when it comes to installing a fence.
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