Tips For Getting Rid of Pesky Facial Hair


Let’s take a moment to look back on practices concerning removal of face hairs in the past. Women in ancient Egypt shaved their heads, which was a clear sign of nobility and class. Renaissance women eliminated their brows to elongate and remodel the brow arch. Notable examples of facial hair in the recent history are iconic Frida Kahlo unibrow and thick brow trend in fashion initiated by model Cara Delevingne, which is a revival of distinctive look actress Audrey Hepburn sported in her days. What I am pretty sure is that Rhett Butler-like whiskers my mother’s side of the family passed on to me never had hit the spotlight as a fad of the year. The origin of excessive hairs issues may vary. Similarly, means to remove the regular resident hairs are numerous and we are here to help you make the best choice.


Origin and concentration

Some of our hairs are a genetic trait deeply rooted in our DNA, like it is in my case. Excessive hairiness may come from a specific medical condition or syndrome. Higher levels of testosterone in women may be the culprit for the occurrence of male-like moustache. It seems like an evolutionary trait that lent women strength and side masculine features. The actual condition is called Hirsutism and is usually an indication of some veiled illness. Accompanied by hormonal imbalance noticeable in acne and untimely cycles, it could be the hint to check for Polycystic ovary syndrome. Other potential hidden threats include Cushing’s – associated with high cortisol presence and even adrenal gland tumour. Let’s hope nothing of the latter ones troubles us, but if the hair growth demonstrates a weird pattern, go see a doctor in due time.

Threading and waxing


I’ll skip the shaving as it is common for men and completely useless for women, as it would make us look ridiculous with stubble showing in a millisecond. Threading is one of the old techniques rediscovered in the modern times. Both threading and waxing eliminate the hairs for long, but the process can be unpleasant and create redness and pimples. Beware of home fix-ups as miscalculations with hot wax can damage your facial skin.

Creams and gentle strips

The subtle version of waxing in form of ready-to-use strips seems like a great idea, but it only works for super soft and loose hairs. Depilatory creams can be more effective, if we can get past the awful smell. Never use it on troubled skin, and check if the cream agrees with your skin beforehand. Apply a thick layer of product on the upper lip area and carefully remove it with a spatula. Rinse with water and use some neutral cream for moisture. The results will last for a week or so.



Thank you, Joey from “Friends” for revealing this handy trick to the wide population of female viewers. As it is, the character from this show decided to pluck his eyebrows, and the procedure revealed a beneficial numbing agent can be used to alleviate the pain. All in all, this is a very efficient and side-effect free method but overly time consuming.

Permanent ways

laserpeel (1)

If you thought of lasers, you are correct. Newest IPL laser hair removal has taken by storm the hearts of ladies fighting with out-of-place hairs. My cousin had some chunky ones under her chin and had them successfully removed after a series of treatments. It is relatively painless and definitely worth the try.

Instead of musing over cosmic meaning of hairs, make sure you investigate the origin of their occurrence and handle the situation accordingly.

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