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Tips for Four Seasons Landscaping and Maintenance for Jeffersonville Residences - Likeitgirl

Tips for Four Seasons Landscaping and Maintenance for Jeffersonville Residences

There is no doubt that when you take good care of your property, especially the landscape features, they will run for longer years. So it helps when you know about the average cost of landscaping maintenance in Jeffersonville.

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can have well-maintained landscaping all by following a few tips. Let’s discuss some measures that allow you to keep your landscape elements in good condition all year – round.

1. Spring-First Season Maintenance Tips for March to May

When it’s spring, you find warm weather, sunshine, and flowers everywhere. It is the season to grow what you want in your landscape and garden. It is the time when leaves and grass grow faster and flowers bloom early.

As you know, spring follows winter, so the landscaping needs essential nutrients to build strong roots and healthy growth. Though winter supplies moisture, grass and roost may dry and break. When plants and grass freeze, thaw, refreeze, they suffer enough damage.

Snow and then ice make plant cells freeze. Due to this, grass, plants, etc., die. So, you have to

1. Do a thorough cleaning to get rid of winter debris

2. Supply nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and iron to promote healthy new growth

3. Start pruning the summer-flowering plants and trees in late spring or early summer.

4. Eliminate the weeds and unwanted growth

2. Summer-Second Season Maintenance Tips for June to August

Hot sun, dry heat, and less rain are signs of summer. These can damage your landscape. Though new growth is vigorous during the summer season. But sun and heat can play havoc with nutrients and moisture.

You need to follow some steps this time of the year. So you have to

1. Stick to regular lawn care and maintenance schedules by lawn mowing, weeding, edging of walkways, cleaning of driveways, debris removal, etc.

2. Do lawn Irrigation by following the proper irrigation system

3. Do summer pruning of heavy oozing trees in the mid-summer months when their leaves are fully developed.

4. Get rid of weed by calling in a professional contractor who can do it skillfully.

5. Get rid of lawn diseases and do pest control to get rid of insects and outdoor pests that attack when the weather is hot and sunny.

3. Fall-Third Season Maintenance Tips for September to November

Clear your landscape before the cold weather arrives to prepare for the winter season. The growth begins to decrease as the cooler fall temperature sets in. the weak limbs and branches often collapse and trees, shrubs, and plants begin to die or become dormant. Start raking dead leaves, get rid of debris and dead plants before winter arrives. Get rid of wet leaves sooner. They attract insects and pests and damage the grass.

You need to follow some steps this time of the year. So you have to

1. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will help protect your lawn and plants during the winter season.

2. Removal of weak, damaged, or dead branches or basic pruning in the fall and early winter can cause damage to trees and plants. Trimming at the wrong time can stop the growth of the plant. Consult a professional landscape contractor.

3. Freezing, unhealthy soil is a result of freezing temperatures. Ventilate your lawn by punching small holes in the soil. The roots will receive the required amount of nutrients for new growth in the coming spring.

4. Resort to over-seeding your lawn in the fall as it will strengthen your lawn and promote new grass growth during the ensuing winter.

4. Winter-Fourth Season Maintenance Tips for December to February

Plant growth decreases to a large extent during the winter, but you need regular landscape maintenance to keep your landscape healthy. Storms and heavy winds can cause a lot of debris to collect. It is important to clean fallen twigs, branches and limbs of trees, and other debris types. Any debris can cause dead spots in your grass.
You need to follow some steps this time of the year. So you have to

1. Limit excessive winter foot traffic on your lawn as it will weaken the grass and make it harder for your lawn to recover in the spring.

Why Maintain Your Landscaping In Jeffersonville?

Apart from spoiling the beauty and damaging the greenery, an overgrown lawn can create other kinds of dangers. Tallgrass and overgrown trees or shrubs can foster mice, burrowing animals, rats, and snakes. These kinds of pests can destroy your landscape. Plus, they may create dangers for your children and pets.

To Conclude

Four seasons of landscaping and maintenance are particularly important in spring, summer, fall, and winter to prevent lawn diseases and unwanted pests. Get in touch with a trustworthy landscape contractor at Walnut Ridge Landscape & Design.

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