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Tips for Choosing Heated Towel Ladders for Your Bathroom - Likeitgirl

Tips for Choosing Heated Towel Ladders for Your Bathroom

If you want a practical addition to your bathroom that improves the overall aesthetics of the place without costing you too much money, then heated towel ladders are a great option. With these, you can hang your towels up and when you need to use them again, they are dry and fluffy. On a cold winter day, you do not want to use a damp towel, so this feature is much appreciated. Let us now look at a few tips you can use to choose a heated towel rail.

Consider What Size You Need

To find out what dimensions you need for heated towel ladders, you should first figure out where in the bathroom you wish to install them. You can opt for racks or the rails as the vertical towel rails, so if there is little or no horizontal space, you can always look for vertical space that remains unused. It is possible to install these in small spaces, as they often come in compact sizes.

You can measure the wall space area using tape and compare it to the towel rail dimensions you can find online. Apart from the height and width, you should also measure the pipe centers. This is the distance between the heated towel rail and the pipe inlets. If you have existing pipes in your bathroom onto which you want to install the heated towel ladder, then you should know about the pipe centers.

If you are going to install new pipes by hiring a plumber, then this measurement is not so important as the pipe-work installation will be done after choosing the towel rail.

Choice of Finish

You can find a wide range of finishes and materials for heated towel ladders, and these include copper, brass, nickel, stainless steel, and chrome. Among these, chrome and stainless steel are the most common. If you want your bathroom to look modern but not too flamboyant, chrome is a good choice. It is also quite durable, but over time, some peeling off or bubbling can be seen.

The metals are highly durable and long-lasting best for the wet and bathroom areas. Chances of corrosions and rusts are less with shiny finishing. It acts as a stunning and trendy item that increases the beauty of the space.

Choose the Type of Wiring

You will get several wiring options while installing heated towel ladders. You can go for a plug-in unit that functions like a regular electrical appliance where you need to plug it into a socket. This is less safe compared to a hardwired system because of the various precautions you need to take. You should never install a towel rail close to the bathtub or the shower, as it increases the chances of electrical shock. Affinity to shock may increase when close to the water pipes or accessories.

Next comes the hardwired units where there is no need to plug the device into a socket as it is integrated with the electrical system of your house. You need a licensed electrician to install this unit.

Calculate the Cost

When you hire a plumber for installing heated towel ladders, they will ask for some information based on which they will provide a price quote. The cost will depend on the central heating system of your house, whether there are existing pipes or whether new pipes will need to be installed, if you want the plumber to source the towel rail or if you’re buying it yourself, etc.

The above tips will hopefully help you in your endeavour to choose towel rails. There are various options available to you and it is possible to get exactly what you need.

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