Tips for building wilderness survival shelters

Building shelter in the jungle is the most important way to survive in the environment. Therefore, before you venture into the forest make sure that you have the skills of building a shelter with scant resources of the place.  Assuming that you are wandering in the wilderness with your horse, a thoroughbred like the ones you see on TVG shows when thinking about building a shelter, keep in mind that you have to keep the animal close to you and select the spot accordingly. After all, the horse is not only your companion but also a friend in need, and you must care for it by showing the affection it deserves. The man-horse relationship is unique and do not forget that the horse too has a mind to understand you.  


When selecting the location for building shelter, choose one where you could find ample grasses, leaves, and dead sticks, which are the staple materials for building the shelter. However, keep away from places where there might be some insect nests or chances of tree branches falling. Prefer a flat area so that you can lie down comfortably and there must be some water source nearby for getting drinking water for both you and your horse.

Shelter size

It is never a wise decision to build a large survival shelter. Large shelters would require a massive amount of materials for construction, too much effort, and ample interior space could be cold and uncomfortable. The ideal size should be slightly larger than your body so that you can snug inside and enjoy the warmth and coziness as you fall asleep.

Structural safety

Safety should be uppermost in your mind when you are constructing a jungle shelter so that you can create the structure accordingly. Select strong and large branches to form the main frame so that it is strong enough to withstand the elements of nature as well as the weight of an adult. It is especially crucial for shelters of the debris hut style and lean-to type of shelters.

Cover and insulation

To remain protected from the outside elements, regardless of the season and weather condition, you have to provide proper insulation covering to the shelter. It would ensure that the inside is warm or cold according to the weather that keeps your comfortable. The debris of the jungle comprising of leaves, grass, pine needles, ferns small sticks and similar materials have excellent insulating properties that you can use as cover. Laying a thick layer of insulating materials on the floor will keep you the ground warm even in cold weather.

Create a fire

Arranging for a heat source is essential when building survival shelters in a cold environment so that you stay warm.  For a heat source in the wilderness, you have to depend on a source of fire and your body heat only.

Small shelters with plenty of insulation can use the body heat to keep you warm. To create a fireplace inside the shelter, always keep safety in mind.



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