Nobody is rather keen to spend ages in the dental office, usually due to the anxiety and fear. But dental problems can be one of the most imperative beauty and health issues, so it is of utmost importance to keep your teeth healthy above all to get that appealing smile. Here are some of the essential tips on how to maintain a beautiful smile but still focus on the health of your teeth and gums.



  • Regular brush and flossing


Let’s face it – aesthetics are extremely crucial, but you won’t get that immaculate smile unless you regularly brush your teeth. First of all, you should not skip daily brushing and make it a habit to brush your teeth at least three times per day. Next, regular flossing represents an even more fundamental part in oral hygiene that you should not avoid. Only by flossing you get to remove the food and dental plaque between your teeth and gums. You wouldn’t like to have green spinach left between your gums when you smile, right? And, there is no order in whether first to brush or floss or vice versa, just go for it!



  • Go easy on some food


Tooth decay might have been an ongoing problem throughout your childhood, and even in later years. Consequently, there must have been some things that you have learned when it comes to what food to eat and not to eat in order to protect your teeth and maintain a beautiful smile. Chewing hard food like hard candy or ice definitely can leave tiny cracks and later evolve into a major problem. Eating sweet food excessively help teeth decay faster, so you might ease up on that. Nevertheless, there are other foods that help keep teeth clean. There is yogurt that strengthens the teeth and bones due to the calcium. Eat more apples, raw carrots or celery because they are firm and crisp and thus will clean your teeth. But for the perfect health of your teeth eat more of raisins that contain oleanolic acid which protects from tooth decay and cavity.



  • Routine dentist visits


It goes without saying that we should visit a dentist at least twice a year. Unfortunately, many people go to the dentist only when there is a problem and then they tend to have a bad experience since they waited until the last minute to solve the trouble. Visiting the dentist preventively will ensure that you get quality care and maintain your beautiful smile. What is more, at the dentist you can enhance the look of your teeth with the best quality emax crown, for example. Not only will they restore your front teeth, but this all-ceramic prosthesis, which is durable and strong, will help beautify all the aesthetic defects that you may have such as stained, fractured or crooked teeth.



  • Various ways of whitening


Okay, we have completely stressed the importance of keeping your teeth healthy will lead you to having a gorgeous smile, but is there something more that could be done? Oh, yes! Well, next to going to the dentist for a proper cleaning, there are a few things that you can do on your own to keep them white and dazzling. Try brushing your teeth (just as you would use a toothpaste) with baking soda to remove any leftover stains by mixing 3 tsp of soda and 2 tsp of lemon juice. Another thing that you can try is to use an apple cider vinegar in a similar way, or gently rub banana peel around on your teeth for about two minutes, both ways will naturally whiten your teeth and you would have a meticulous and alluring smile in no time.


  • The “devil” is in the details


This might sound scary, but it actually isn’t at all. However, when it comes to keeping your teeth stunning, and above all healthy, you should focus on implementing some of these tips that are hidden in the detail. For instance, it is a must to change your manual toothbrush every three months, tackle bad breath by scraping your tongue from time to time or use a sugar-free breath mint or any other homemade natural breath remedy. What is more, avoid putting red lipstick that can leave unseemly marks on your teeth without you noticing it, and then when you smile you would be in for a surprise. Go for more lighter lipsticks or mild glosses.


Teeth are our trademark in a way, so we should keep them healthy by regular maintenance and visits to the dentist. Only by doing that will we make our smile neat and absolutely graceful.

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