Most people decide to have their honeymoon in summer, but as many advantages as a summer honeymoon can provide you with, there are still those people who don’t find this an appealing concept. If you’re one of them, meaning that you’d rather avoid the blazing heat, bustling streets and endless lines of tourist outside of every museum you’d like to visit, perhaps you should opt for an autumn honeymoon instead. During the autumn months, the beaches may still allow you to enjoy some swimming and sunbathing during the day, the mountains are bound to present you with all the wonderful colors of the falling leaves, and the cities become less crowded, so that you can revel in their beauty without the unnecessary stress. Here are some tips for choosing the autumn honeymoon destination of your dreams.

Beach destinations

There are many wonderful beach destinations you can pick for your autumn honeymoon, but it’s up to you to decide what exactly you want from your trip. If it’s all about the beaches, sunbathing and swimming, and if you take great pleasure in the seaside views and breathing the salty air, then you can choose any of the stunningly beautiful islands, such as Bali or Bora Bora, or one of the European countries with some of the most incredible beaches, such as Croatia or Greece. However, all of these places offer much more than just the beaches. For instance, Bali is also famous for its temples, just like Greece is well-known for its historical sights and Croatia for its national parks. Any of these locations will also be perfect for those who want a more active vacation, since they all offer hiking tours, interesting cities and monuments, as well as a variety of events you can either observe or participate in. Plus, with the temperatures mild during the autumn period, there’s a good chance you’ll have lovely weather throughout your entire stay. 

Urban destinations

As mentioned above, autumn is the ultimate time to visit any of the world’s most romantic cities, but perhaps you should consider Europe first. After all, Paris is considered the city of romance, and the view of the Eiffel Tower from the dazzling Gardens of the Trocadero will leave you breathless. And while there, why not visit Italy as well? Whether you go to Florence, Venice or the hometown of Romeo and Juliette, Verona, you’ll surely be in awe of all the sights there. And let’s not forget the Colosseum in Rome or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. On the other hand, if you want to use your honeymoon to conceive, then one of the best places to try would be Selfoss, a cute little town in the south of Iceland. Their many thermal hot springs, astonishing glaciers and the phenomenon of aurora borealis can awaken the romantic in anybody. However, that’s not nearly all. There are some Scandinavian myths which describe making love under the northern lights as something mystical and magical. They say that, not only can it help you get pregnant, but it can bless your child with happiness and fortune for as long as they live. Nevertheless, if you want to further increase your chances of having a baby, or you simply don’t believe in myths, you should also use a reliable fertility kit, which will optimize your fertility and allow you to conceive sooner. 

Destinations for nature lovers

If your notion of the ideal honeymoon includes spending most of your time outdoors, hiking, mountain climbing or cycling through woods, highlands and along rivers and lakes, then autumn is probably the optimum time to do it. The destinations for nature lovers are versatile, but maybe you should head to the West Indies first. There you’ll find Dominica, an island country with delightfully green landscape which includes numerous rivers and waterfalls, an untouched rain forest, natural mud baths and volcanic hot springs. If you’re more interested in the north, then go to Newfoundland and visit the Gros Morne National Park, where you can go hiking, kayaking or canoeing. You can also camp there, and we all know there’s nothing that can bring a couple closer together than snuggling in a tent. Finally, you can always go to Montenegro and spend some time in the Durmitor National Park, with its spectacular mountain tops, the wild Tara River and its glorious canyons. Sharing such an experience with the person you love is something you’ll always cherish. 

There’s no reason whatsoever to choose any other season for your honeymoon. So, pick the destination and the type of vacation that you think you’d be happiest with and spread the love all around the world this autumn.


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