Tiny Cottage Home Designs to Simply Life and Improve Style

As people decided to nucleate their life, the small structures have found their way into the residential societies. Some owners have also discovered that small house provides simpler yet fuller life. One such tiny house concept is the cottage. And thus, architects have flooded their portfolio with the cottage home designs for the people.

So, what is a cottage? A cottage is a small house designed in the old-fashioned way yet having all the requirements of a fully furnished home. The cottage is also a modest and cozy abode typically located in a rural or semi-rural area.

The word is derived from the architecture of England. It originally referred to a house with ground floor living space and an upper floor of one or more bedrooms. But popular modern culture defines cottage in a more general and romantic context.

Cottage Home Designs in Modern Context

Cottage Home Design
Cottage Home Design

Present day cottage home designs are multi-faceted, modernized and varied in style and construction. The cottage homes are now considered a secondary home or vacation home for families where they can enjoy the smooth environment of residence with basic shelter needs and on the other hand, enjoy a memorable vacation with outdoor visiting, swimming, boating, fishing, etc.

As the property dealings are hot recently, the owners sometimes rent out the residences for extra income. But the constructions of the cottage homes are solely dependent on individual flair. There is no specific architecture for the cottage home but a simple layout which can be tailor-made according to the demand of the homeowner. This is the reason why the recent cottage homes are very different from their predecessors.

Featured Cottage Style

Cottage Home Designs
Cottage Home Designs
  • Cottages are generally small spaced houses. So, the space is almost limited to 2500 sq ft.
  • They can be one storey or two storeys high depending on the space and resources available.
  • It may have an attached garage if there is space.
  • A premium model of a cottage must have two doors. One door is at the front which is the main entrance. The secondary door is a backyard door leading house member to access the backyard easily. Also, there can be a kitchen door providing access to the kitchen garden.
  • There can be a basement attached to the cottage if the design permits so. Else there will be a definite storeroom.
  • The main floor consists of the attached hall and living room. The kitchen is also present on the main floor, but it is a separate room.
  • The upper consists of bedrooms only. Depending on the cottage home designs, there might be around 3-5 bedrooms.

Why Prefer Cottage Home?

Cottage Home Designs
Cottage Home Designs

You can find lists of benefits of living in cottage homes. The simple reason may be seen as the lower cost and good for the nuclear family. So, the cottage homes provide the families with the following advantages:

  • First of all, it cannot be denied that the principal benefit of living in a house is the issue of privacy. Typically, if people live in a house, they will have more opportunity for peace that is always good for relaxation.
  • Furthermore, it would be an ideal place for the family to live in, especially a detached house with gardens so that children can have a safe environment to play in instead of playing outside the pavement if they live in a tower block.
  • It is often the case that numerous related- apartment accidents occurred, for example, the child dropped out of the window, due to the negligence of the parent or the unsafe design of a window.
  • Another remarkable advantage of living in a cottage house is that it offers ample space for every member of the family to do things for personal enjoyment such as a workroom for father or kitchen for mother.

Indeed, it obviously brings about the comfort and freedom for each individual.

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