Timeless Fashion: Basic Items for a Classic Wardrobe

“Elegance is not about being notice, it is about being remembered.” –Giorgio Armani

It has long been accepted that while fashion is temporary, true style is eternal.

In this regard, women all over the world—particularly those who are fashion forward and have excellent taste in fashion—would endeavor to refine their sartorial choices and personal style. And although style remains to be something very personal in the sense that there is no universal code as to what assemblages of clothing can be considered fashionable, there are certain basic items that once added to your existing wardrobe can create a world of potential for elevating your style.

Indeed, there are those sartorial pieces that would serve as the basic building blocks of a well-rounded closet. These pieces are often considered not only basic, but timeless as well. Furthermore, these clothing items are pivotal to a woman’s wardrobe as they are incredibly versatile that they can be worn with almost everything and anything plus they can be donned for any occasion. While you can opt to have the more affordable alternative of buying wholesale urban clothing for these pieces, know that basics often deserve to be investment pieces, so do not be afraid to live a little and splurge. You would not regret it though as there is a likely chance that these pieces will last you for years and years to come.

In any case, if you are looking to cultivate a timeless wardrobe or simply build a solid foundation to a well-rounded one, here are some of the basic pieces you would need:

  1. Little Black Dress

Every fashion article you would ever come across whether online or offline would advocate the addition of a little black dress in your wardrobes. No matter the occasion—whether you are going out for a girl’s night out or a fancy date, the little black dress remains as an indispensable piece in your closet. Furthermore, it can be rather easy to dress it up or down depending on your accessories. Consider this as an integral weapon in your arsenal of clothes. For a truly versatile piece, make sure that it is neither too short nor would it show a lot of cleavage.

  1. Basic Cardigans

A woman can never have too many cardigans! This versatile piece is the perfect addition to any clothing ensemble to give it that final sophisticated touch. Whether it is long or short, cashmere material, wool or durable cotton, a basic cardigan is always a must in any wardrobe. However, do not limit yourself to just one and be sure to pick up several pieces of different styles, cuts and fabrics so that you would have plenty to choose from and limitless options.

  1. A white dress shirt

Perfect for job interviews and corporate meetings, a white dress shirt should never go missing from your closet. This integral closet piece is essential if you wish to look sophisticated and polished. However, this is not one item you would want to go cheap on as you would want it to hold its shape. Furthermore, you have to be sure that it can withstand many cycles of washing and stay as opaque as ever. After all, you would not want to attend that meeting looking like a translucent mess.

  1. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are incredible as not only would they give your outfit a feminine touch, but this classic staple is also very comfortable to wear. However, do not splurge when it comes to this staple as regardless of the brand, it will easily wear out after a couple of years or so. Instead of investing on expensive branded pairs, try to pick out different colors from retail stores that are cute but affordable.

  1. Dark Wash Boot-Cut Jeans

Denim never goes out of style. In this regard, you should have one classic pair of jeans in your closet which you can rely on for any occasion. A dark-wash boot-cut pair of jeans is one style that transcends time and would flatter every figure. Trouser jeans and skinny pairs might have dominated the fashion world recently, but it is still important to have this iconic piece in your closet for casual days wherein you do not feel like subjecting your legs into constricting space.

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