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Time Warp: Retro Fashion Pieces to Share with Your Teen - Likeitgirl

Time Warp: Retro Fashion Pieces to Share with Your Teen

Bonding over clothing is a mother/daughter ritual as old as time itself. Like other aspects of your relationship, sharing clothing – and clothing advice – benefits from blending the old and new. Your daughter might like to keep up on the latest trends. But if she looks in your closet, there  might be items lurking in there that she’s sure to love.

It can be a challenge to keep your family sane, but there’s no better time than now to connect with your teen. From sharing health advice to finding time to bond over family meals, spending more time together means more opportunities to share maternal wisdom. It can also be valuable to share something more material as well. For parents of teens, retro fashion can offer the perfect fix. Read on to find some of our favorite retro finds to share with your teen.

Retro Handbags

One of the best and easiest places to start sharing your wares is by sharing a great vintage handbag. A handbag is something that tends to pair with contemporary clothing and timeless looks alike, and the wildest designs can be on-trend. As Samantha Sutton of InStyle writes, “The more it looks like it came from the back of your mom’s closet, the better.” 

Timeless Tees

Vintage Riders Club Graphic Tee

For proof that your old clothing can have new life, look no further than the retro tee trend. From block lettering to ’70s fonts, and from crop tops to baseball tees, vintage shirts are a welcome addition to your teen’s wardrobe. While authentic vintage band t-shirts are an obvious favorite, don’t be surprised if she gravitates toward your old family reunion tees and souvenir tees. Old-school colors, fun graphics, and that worn-in cotton feel are everything.


Vintage Outerwear

When it comes to sharing vintage fashion with your teen, outerwear is often the perfect place to begin. Faux fur coats are set to make a comeback, as are deconstructed suits (including ’80s blazers with shoulder pads). Exaggerated elements like wide lapels and double-breasted designs are also enjoying a resurgence. Jackets and coats are a fashion staple that often come with a story, which can make sharing them with your teen even more special.

Scarves & Belts

Retro fashion is often best reclaimed in the context of an accent piece. What better way to accent an outfit than with a vintage scarf or belt? As with vintage handbags, unusual prints and patterns reign supreme. For scarves, paisleys and floral styles pair perfectly with monochromatic ensembles, while boho-chic designs look great with natural fabrics and leather outerwear. For belts, the basics can become an instant wardrobe staple, while wide clasp belts add a pop of color to everyday outfits. 


While you accessorize, it’s no secret hats are among the most adored – and most consistent – retro fashion trends. Stiff brim boater hats continue to make appearances on stylish celebrity Instagrams, while crochet knit caps offer a fun style statement all year round. Since hats are easy to care for and store, they make a good retro fashion item to share with your teen.


Odds are, you already have some vintage-inspired jewelry in your jewelry collection. Whether it’s a cameo brooch your grandmother owned, a piece of costume jewelry you loved as a kid, or an heirloom necklace, jewelry creates memories your teen will cherish. To make the memory even more special, gift a vintage jewelry box to help keep the pieces cared for and organized.

Retro Denim

What goes around comes around, and this is true when it comes to retro jeans. Whether it’s ’90s stonewash jeans or high-waisted ’70s designs, what’s “in” might surprise you. As current denim trends prove, nothing is off the table, including bell bottoms and flare styles. One benefit of sharing retro denim with your teen is jeans are likely to survive in storage, and are less susceptible to aging. And, in even more surprising news, you’re uniquely positioned to offer the craziest trend of them all: mom jeans.

Boots, Ballet Flats, and Beyond

They just don’t make shoes like they used to – which is great news if you’ve kept any well-made pairs from your youth. As a perfect example, knee-high boots – a major feature of ’60s and ’70s fashion – are poised to be one of the top trends. Canvas, leather, and plastic flats are also making a major comeback. Before sharing your favorite shoes, size them. Think about  whether you want your teen to wear them or appreciate them for the time capsule they are. If you and your teen aren’t the same size, don’t despair. A great pair of shoes can still make for a great conversation. smiling woman in denim jacket

Unexpected Fabrics & Prints

Whichever items you end up sharing, one thing is certain: the crazier the fabrics the better. Not only will those out-there items make the best stories, but you might be surprised which styles capture your teen’s attention. Bold, psychedelic prints and playful polka dots are a couple of the patterns that are coming back around this season. Likewise, retro pinstripes and animal prints have found their way back into current fashion. For the throwback prints not quite back in style yet, it’s probably only a matter of time.

Keep the Tradition Going

If you have vintage clothing, odds are you also have an old suitcase, hatbox, and a storage box. Consider gifting a retro case to your daughter intended specifically for the items you’ve shared with her. Each time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of the memories you’ve shared together. And who knows? Maybe one day she’ll be able to share it with her daughter as well.


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