Time Management Tips for PTE Listening Module

When it comes to cracking the PTE examination, time management is crucial, especially when it comes to the listening module. Though it is entirely on you to decide the amount of time you give to one question, making the right decision can help you crack the examination. Time management is a crucial skill to perform efficiently in your PTE listening exam and maximize your score. Taking the help of abroad education consultants in India can help you ace the examination.

So, why is Time Management important?

Unlike reading or writing exams in the PTE examination, listening examination doesn’t give you the chance to change your answers. The reason is listening exam is real-time and this section of examination comes at the end of the test. By the time you reach the listening examination section, you may already be exhausted, thereby increasing the chances of mistakes. This is the reason why it is important to listen to the audio clips carefully when they start playing them, which you can listen to only once. You need to be highly attentive, which is the reason why time management can make or break your chances of cracking the PTE examination.

What are the Tasks in PTE Listening Module?

Before discussing the time management, you need to know the tasks in the PTE listening module. There are 8 tasks under the PTE listening module, which consists of:

·         Summarizing Spoken Text-Listen to the recording and make a summary of 50-70 words within 10 minutes

·         Multiple Choice Questions-Choose multiple correct answers from the list of options, after listening to the audio recording

·         Fill in the Blanks- Fill the blanks in a transcript without missing any word by listening carefully to the audio clip

·         Highlight the Summary- Carefully listen to an audio clip and choose your answer , which summarizes the recording of a number of possible choices

·         Single Answer, Multiple Questions- You need to select one right answer from multiple questions

·         Missing Word-Choose the most appropriate response to complete the beeped words in the recording

·         Highlight Incorrect Words-Highlight the errors after listening and comparing a transcript to its audio

·         Dictation-Type a sentence correctly after listening to the audio

How to Manage Time?

Time management is important to clear PTE. Here is how you need to manage your time during PTE examinations.

Set your priority-Make sure you set the priority of critical tasks, which carry a lot of weightage. Answer those questions that carry a lot of marks and help you score better. Prioritizing helps you decide how much time you need to dedicate to one section.

Check the Format- To crack the exam, make sure you are familiar with the format, flow and sequence of the examination. If you are unable to use your skills to get a good score, it’s of no use.

Optimum Utilization of Time- Make sure optimal utilization of time is the only way to practise for the listening examination and excel it. For instance, you need to prioritize your time to summarize the spoken text and ensure that you don’t use too much time in one section. 

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