Small children bare very vulnerably. They suck their thumb because it is soothing, calming, and comforting. Sometimes they do so as a result of insecurity and feeling neglected. It is a matter of concern for the parents as well as kids when it continues past a certain age.

Thumb sucking or finger sucking is form and habit prevalent children between 0 2 3 year age group. It may start during infancy, and it may even begin at an earlier stage as well.

Sometimes it can even lead to a myriad of concern when it comes getting rid of the habit.

As a parent, we are always concerned that our kids grow into healthy adults without getting into odd habits that might get Cross with their overall general development.


Normal Child Behaviour:


A healthy child sucks his thumb when the baby is hungry. Most parents give their babies pacifier to shut their kids when they cry. Over time, the babies and parents get used to the pacifier, noise cancellation, and many other benefits that come along. The time comes when the kids start teething. The concerned parents try to get rid of the pacifiers and then the habit of the thumb or finger sucking comes in.


Acceptance level:


Almost all concerned parents disapprove of an older child’s sucking habits. However, when should a concerned parent tries to discourage a child not to do so. Most pediatric dentists and orthodontist and pediatrician say that a child should give up the habit by the time it is 4. If they don’t do so, you should start discouraging them.


How to Discourage The Habit:


1. Offer a pacifier or comfort blankets.

2. Appreciate your child when he doesn’t suck his thumb.

3. Take the service of pediatric dentistry or orthodontics to learn about the habit and its consequences.


Side Effects Of Thumbsucking:


Thumbsucking leads to a severe problem if not stopped on time. Kids may not only have speech and dental problems bit could also suffer from social stigma resulting from thumbsucking habit.

1. The most common and serious issue is dental malocclusion.

2. Overbite- thumb looks soar and bitten.

3. Various skin issues.

4. Speech impairment

4.Social problems.


Bottom line:


If the child gets motivated to stop thumbsucking by using rewards or punishment, then it’s ok. If it doesn’t work, the parents need to visit a pediatric dentist and orthodontics to prevent the child from further complications.


Pediatric dentistry or orthodontics appears as a boon to worried and concerned parents whose children are into the habit of thumbsucking. Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics work like magic when it comes to treating thumbsucking. Parents are advised to do proper research work before going to a pediatric dentist. They should even try to motivate and counsel their kids to visit their pediatric dentist. Aggrieved parents should attend a well equipped, highly experienced, and recommended a dentist for taking the services of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Moreover, he should be kid-friendly, and kids should love to visit him. Regular and continuous visit to your pediatric dentist will ensure and keep a check on your child’s behavior and bring back your child’s beautiful and radiant smile back.

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