Throw a Perfect Wedding on a Tight Budget

Your wedding is your special day, and you deserve only the best venue, decoration and atmosphere. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge, you can still have a wedding of your dreams. Here’s how.

Choose a colourful venue

If you want to save up some money on decoration and expensive accessories, you can choose a venue that looks attractive on its own. For instance, botanical gardens, museums and some historical sites allow weddings and they require very little to no decoration at all.

Use the right colors Use the right colors

If you want to achieve an elegant, luxurious and posh effect, make sure to use rich colors such as chocolate brown, eggplant purple and timeless black. This will cost you only a few extra dollars but it will have a huge effect. Plus, these shades go well with practically every other color, so you won’t have to change your whole color palette.

Invest in good lighting

Just a little extra lighting will have a huge impact. For instance, if you rent only two or three accent lighting fixtures to accentuate focal points, they will instantly transform the whole vibe of the space. And, since they go for about $20 to $30 a piece, they will not drain your budget.

Use nature to boost your décor

Don’t hesitate to use natural elements to decorate your venue and achieve an upscale look. You can fill big vases with rocks and add branches and different wildflowers. You can easily do this yourself and spend only a couple of dollars on vases. Place these intricate decorations at the entrance and in a couple of corners in the venue.

Add romance with candles

There’s nothing more romantic than candles, so make sure to introduce some to your wedding venue. You can welcome your guests and bid them farewell with a candlelit path. They will add just the right amount of illumination, plus they can be super cheap. Candles are also great decoration pieces for the tables, just keep them in glass containers to prevent people from getting burned.

Use drinks and food as décor

There’s no wedding without some bubbly. Apart from being a delicious drink, a beautiful bottle of champagne can also work as a stylish decoration. You can find a few vintage wine buckets, fill them with ice and put a bottle of bubbly in it for a stylish yet tasty centerpiece. Champagne glass towers on every table will create a classy and elegant vibe. Also, a tray of cute cupcakes and little bites can also look amazing.

Glam up the chairsGlam up the chairs

If you want to improve the look of your wedding chairs, but don’t have the budget for chair covers, you can try an easy and inexpensive DIY option. Get some wide ribbon and weave it through the backs of the chairs. This will give them a polished look and save you a lot of money on full-on covers. While you’re working with fabrics, you can also rent luxe napkins that will match your color palette and boost the look of your tables. They cost about one dollar a piece, so unless you have a lot of guests, they can really come out cheap.

Arrive in style

Yes, carriages are super romantic, but they are also uncomfortable, slow and quite expensive. Instead, opt for a more modern solution and rent a luxe car. For instance, if you hire a wedding chauffeur service in Sydney, you can even get a complementary “Just Married” sign and a red carpet roll out!

Give out cute wedding favors

Instead of having customized party favors with your names and your wedding date, you can invest in personalized packaging instead. Your guests will still remember your wedding, and you will save some green.

These budget-friendly wedding tips will help you organize a beautiful wedding and still have some money left for a romantic honeymoon trip!

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