Three Smart Ways to Handle Your First Period

As part of puberty, female teenagers will inevitably experience the very first drop of menstruation.  Others may be delighted because it is a sign of being a maid.  However, others see it as a hassle and irritating because of the pain which might affect your whole day performance.

Your first period is an early milestone for your almost-a-lifetime experience with menstruation.

You need to remember that your period is blood passing out of your womb as a part of the natural process to prepare your body for pregnancy which means taking into consideration your activities and menstrual cycle in the future is necessary.  Moreover, what you need to know is the point that period happens once a month but for some cases like you who experienced primary period; it may take few months for your period to be regular and predictable.

So that is the reason, new maids should know how to handle themselves during their first period so that you can keep yourself composed and not out of fashion when experiencing such.  Also, it will help you stay on track to what to expect and do.

Moreover, to help you more, here are the ways that you can do to handle your first period:

1. Use a Period Supply

You have many choices when dealing with your period blood. You may need to experiment a bit to find which among sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cup best for you because they might hear from other people that they are switching from one method to another.  However, what best supply to use is a menstrual cup.

Many girls prefer a menstrual cup already. This cup is made of silicone. Upon using this, a girl inserts it into her vagina. Inside the organ, it holds the blood until she empties it.   It might sound so gross because you are dealing too much with your vagina, but the healthy and robust assurance it offers is beneficial because it does not have the risk of having Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) to the user.

TSS is a bacterial-spurred illness that can kill you.  Mostly, girls acquire these bacteria because of using tampons and sanitary napkins.  Unlike menstrual cups, no incidence has blotted about this.

The moment you have convinced yourself about the health safeness of this silicon cup, consider using the softest and comfortable Daisy menstrual cup so that your period experience is worth it.

2. Food Intake During Your Period

Dietary practices can help be more energetic; thus, it can prevent or relieve period cramps.  Experts at the University of Maryland had advised that there are foods that you need to eat during your period.

Consider eating foods that are:

     High in calcium such as dark leafy greens, beans, nuts, and yogurt;

     High in antioxidants such as blueberries, cranberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, and artichokes.

If you have heavy blood flow, you need to take some extra food rich in iron.  It is important to gradually add these foods to your diet so that it will not overwhelm yourself with keeping a balanced diet, and most especially, to ease period pain.

However, it is important also to keep an eye on what are the foods you need to avoid during your period because these might worse the pain you are experiencing, or even blocking your menstrual flow. 

Moreover, these foods are:

     Pasta, white bread, deep-fried foods, salty foods, and baked items high in sugar.

     Coffee and alcohol

3. Period Hygiene

Even if you have a period and seems like you do not feel to move the moment you wake up, maintaining good menstrual hygiene prevents you from infections.  Thus, take this period health for your benefit:

     Take an extra shower or hot bath every day to help you be clean.  Make sure to wash your vagina gently.  It is advisable that if you have your period, take a shower within 5-10 minutes only with lukewarm water.

     Always ways or wipe the front-to-back motion and never in the opposite direction to prevent infections.

     Always wash your hands every after emptying your Daisy Menstrual Cup.

Staying and maintaining your hygiene during a period is essential to keep you apart from bacterial infections.  As girls like you have periods, you are slightly more vulnerable to bacterial due to change in the vagina’s pH balance.  That is the reason why you need to keep the genital area clean and fresh, even the period supplies you use.


Periods come naturally to every woman because it is part of the maturity of our reproductive organ to prepare us for reproduction. Even if you have heard other woman screaming for their stomachaches, this should not be the reason that you will also cram when your period comes.

Your body will surely adjust to the changes that you will experience when you have started undergoing it.  There is no escape.  However, if you have prepared yourself for your period, there is nothing to worry about surviving the whole day.

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