Three-Sided Bespoke Fireplaces: A Modern Rendition of the Traditional

Three-sided bespoke fireplaces are a modern rendition of a traditional favourite with a twist. With this fireplace type, you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of a front-facing fireplace multiplied by three.

With flames visible in front and on two sides as well, this modern design takes your fireplace experience to unheard of levels. It offers more flame and less structure. Its sleek design features an unmistakably contemporary charm.

In fact, these fireplaces are sough-after among homeowners who are design-conscious and among those who dwell in luxury apartments, not to mention commercial units as well.

Taking its design cues from the modern minimalist genre, clean lines and symmetrical presentations easily blend into any interior room. The extra visibility gives any designer multiple visual design possibilities.

Enhances an open floor plan

Enhance your open space with a three-sided fireplace and create a conversation piece. Sure partial walls or structures work well in an open space too, but combining them with a three-sided fireplace creates a striking, functional masterpiece in your interior space.

Ingenious architectural solutions

Use this architectural layout and enhance any open space in your home or office. Give life to an otherwise architecturally challenging partial wall or column by incorporating three-dimensional bespoke fireplaces into them.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Instead of ending up with what appears to be an obstacle in an otherwise uncluttered space, you end up with an attractive design element that can blend in with the overall design concept. Now you have an extra space that is not only functional but beautiful as well.

Hang your favourite work of art or a widescreen TV for that extra visual attraction, and you have just found another useable space. Don’t worry because there is no need to concern yourself with ruining that artwork or TV thanks to advancements in cooling technology.

Three-sided fireplaces will also give any space a much needed feel and look of balance and symmetry. The possibilities are endless designwise.

So go ahead, invest in one and discover for yourself why the three-sided bespoke fireplaces are the thing of the future and go beyond the conventional.

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