This is why Barney from How I Met Your Mother is a fashion icon


“Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I’m awesome”, says legen-wait for it-dary Barney Stinson from the epic TV series How I Met Your Mother. ‘Suit up’ trend that Barney promotes has become so popular that there is even International Suit Up Day (it’s on October 13th, just so you know). Aside from being awesome, funny, and ladies man, Barney has become a fashion icon as well. Ever wondered why?

He knows his pants


Pleated pants are ancient history; you don’t need anything that bulges around your hips and makes you look all puffy. Straight cut pants are what any respectable man would get himself. As for the length, be careful with the hem: it should not be higher than the top of your shoes. Your socks should not be visible while you stand (of course), but it should also not be lower than the top of your laces (slight scrunching is acceptable, but only slight). Now, when you sit down, the pants will go up a bit, so make sure you wear long socks; visible skin is not an option.
Barney’s rule: never wear a cell phone on a belt clip.

He wears perfect jackets


The perfect jacket should cover your pant zipper and also your bottom, and if there is any of those is left uncovered, your jacket is not long enough and you should change it. Moreover, if it covers your bottom and just keeps going like one of the zoot suits, you should be at a costume party, not a formal event. Jacket collar should not be standing away or benching in the back, and shoulders should neither rumple nor pinch you. Enough room to move your arms is essential, but it should also not be too baggy. Choosing the perfect suit is an art, no wonder Barney is a fashion icon with all that skill.
Barney rule: never wear brown shoes with a black suit.

His cuffs and sleeves are flawless

Times change, and the older generations wore jackets that completely covered their shirt sleeves, but today you should expose your cuffs. Approximately half an inch of your dress shirt should be visible underneath your suit jacket sleeve, but anything more than that is simply too short. It would be a shame if you found the perfect suit and a not-so-perfect shirt. Do not let it happen – get a custom dress shirt whose cuffs you will proudly show off. When a jacket is too narrow, you will your movements are limited, but how do you know if it is too big? Leaning against the wall while wearing your suit jacket and having your shoulders all scrunched up means you need a better fit.
Barney’s rule: never wear ad quality fabrics!


He always chooses the right accessories

Asides from wearing the famous duckey tie, Barney chose to wear bowties and ties (striped, tartan, and small dots), but he also wore silver tie-pins, and amazing belts. In addition, he wore elegant buttonhole flowers: mostly carnation and rose (and a lily for his wedding). Of course, he did mention that crazy accessories are awesome as well, like a baby, a small dog, and, of course, the bro-bib. We do advise you avoid these when you head for a formal event, you might steal the spotlight.

barney details

Nice suit will make a boy look like a man, and a man will look more elegant and stylish than ever. Barney made it his mission to go to as many occasions wearing a suit as possible, setting an example to millions of men and boys worldwide who understood that girls really do love a sharp-dressed man.

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