This Is How to Clean a Retainer the Right Way

Would you go more than a day without cleaning your teeth? We didn’t think so. Keeping your teeth clean is an important part of dental hygiene.

Did you know that keeping your retainer clean is as well? Your pearly whites aren’t going to stay straight and perfect by themselves. Your retainer deserves the same treatment.

Here’s a couple of key ways on how to clean a retainer.

What’s the Big Deal?

Needing a retainer is a normal step in achieving that perfect and bright smile. With so many bacteria living in your mouth, the need to clean is imperative.

Like your teeth, your retainer can also pick up all of that grime and build up. This can pose more danger to all the orthodontics that had been done. Not to mention, it also puts you in a vulnerable spot for cavities and other buildups.

Cleaning a retainer can be as painless as brushing your teeth before bed. Here are some gentle tips to help make sure you’re doing it right.

Brush and Wash

Cleaning your retainer is as simple as brushing your teeth. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, simply clean your retainer after brushing. This will loosen up any hidden plaque.

This simple and easy technique can be done as often as needed. It prevents the plaque that may be hiding from turning to tartar. It assures that your teeth are safe from hidden germs.

Using denture cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, and mouthwash are all viable options. These will all kill any bacteria that may be living in your retainer.

You should be doing a light brush whenever the opportunity arises. You also should deep-clean the retainer. This will keep that retainer in top shape.

Once a week, you can scrub the mouthpiece using a mild soap. This will remove all grime that your light brushing may have missed. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly when finished.

Things to Avoid

Several methods of cleaning should be avoided.

Never put your retainer inside of the dishwasher for cleaning. Your retainer is too fragile and could break.

Do not place your retainer in boiling water. The boil method will change the shape of your retainer and cause it to no longer fit in your mouth.

Any type of harsh chemicals will cause your retainer to deteriorate. Be mindful of what you are using when cleaning your retainer. After all, the piece does go in your mouth.

Knowing How to Clean a Retainer Is Important

Your retainer will last for a while, as long as you keep it clean and in good shape. Cleaning your retainer will save you from having to replace them frequently.

Knowing how to clean a retainer is imperative to your oral hygiene. Your mouth health hinges on this. Following these rules will help you to care for your teeth and your retainer.

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