This is How I Celebrated My Mother’s Birthday

We all celebrated on Mother’s birthday with great pomp and show. Whether it is your mother’s birthday grandmother or any kind of mother it is important to celebrate their birthdays if you haven’t done so until now after all in some of the other manners and their contribution to your success and they are supporting you as much as they can. There is no doubt in the fact that mothers are the most important creatures ever made for us. And that is why the birthday is yet another day when you can make your mother feel special more than usual. And now that online flower and chocolate delivery in Bangalore is available in certain areas you can order these two things.

Celebrating your mother’s birthday during a lockdown could be quite a tricky thing that is what you must have thought at first? But today that’s what we are bringing to you that you can celebrate your mother’s birthday with great pomp and show what there are few people they can always connect on a conference call and you can get the birthday celebration of your mother started. Let’s see what changes and how exactly you can celebrate your mother’s birthday this time.

Let you be the head chef

Celebrating a birthday isn’t just about getting an online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other City. And this is high time whether you are a 14’s teenager or you are a grown-up woman. Now that her birthday is coming near you must take over the kitchen and be the head chef we all know that our mothers love cooking for us be it from any country. So you can celebrate your birthday one week in advance and cook everything that she loves for all one week during her birthday. And if you know how to bake a cake the best thing is to bake it at home but if you are a terrible baker or have burnt about 3 to 4 batches of cakes in a day then you should order cake online. And for the cake cutting ceremony make sure that all the family members that you thought would have been there on her birthday are there on a conference call with her.

Help her daily

Well, there are various ways of wishing your mother happy birthday. Just a few give and bouquets cakes or a big party isn’t always the way to celebrate. Maybe you are sometimes low on money and you want to do something different for her. So the best way to celebrate your mother’s birthday in this lockdown is to stop helping her with everything that she is doing. If she is cleaning the dishes then you can take up on doing that for her beforehand from the next day. And soon this will become your habit to help her. And then present her with rose birthday flowers every day and read something together for engagement activities that you both have been longing to do for so long and you didn’t have time to do. Maybe you don’t know how to bake Cakes and cookies. You could learn that from her or maybe English isn’t good so you can help her improve it. I learned to help my mother every day ever since I was sixteen. It is important to understand that they are not our servants, but an equivalent.

Make a new breakfast every day 

How many times did you ever ask your mother to make a different breakfast for you? Now let’s look at the answer most of us ask your mother to prepare a different and delightful breakfast every day. When it is time that if you have been celebrating your mother’s birthday all the smile you would remember that she made your favorite breakfast and so much on your birthday now just time for a nice payback. You should start preparing from now itself even if your mother’s birthday is 2 weeks away from that what kind of flowers are you going to give her and what exactly are the dishes that you will be preparing as breakfast for her. When you serve this breakfast make sure to add fresh flowers. In fact, for my mother, I prepared her favorite breakfast every day ever since lockdown and she took upon lunch. So this way we both helped each other and enjoyed each other’s company.

Clean the house and decorate it too 

Another amazing thing that you can do for your mother’s birthday during the lockdown is to clean the whole house for her and also redecorate her home with all the things that you can. online Flower bouquet delivery in mumbai is still available in green zones. So you should be sure to add some beautiful flowers when you are redecorating her room. And the best part is that with more deliveries opening you cannot everything online and don’t even have to worry. Well, I initiated this idea for my mother and year in advance however it imagines that there is going to be a lockdown and I will be doing all these things for her during the lockdown, so I had in advance ask her what are the changes that she wants to see in her room and gave them a finishing touch during the lockdown.

Play dress-up

I know most of the girls and even boys might have enjoyed playing with their mother and father the dress up game. So what if you have planted a theme party for your mother’s birthday and you couldn’t throw it because of the lockdown. So what if you cannot get dresses from a store you still have plenty of clothes yours and your mothers. So you can play dress-up by dressing up in each other’s clothes in the ones that fit and have your party make your videos take pictures and just enjoy the whole day. But make sure to begin your mother’s birthday with an online bouquet bought. This should be followed by all the above-given tasks.



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