Although an often overlooked European destination, Germany has plenty to offer its avid visitors, from sprawling mountains and lush valleys to winding rivers, thousands of opulent castles, as well as some of the most iconic cities in the region. As the country has quite a diverse and complicated history, its unique culture is also reflected in stunning monuments and brilliant museums, thus truly providing a great experience for any type of traveler. If Germany has a place on your bucket list as well, here is an insider guide to some of the best things to see, do, and eat in this enticing country:

Experience culture and history in Berlin

Being a true cultural melting pot and one of the most urban cities in Germany, Berlin is a top destination for many tourists, and for a good reason. Whether you’d like to spend the weekend partying in world-famous clubs, visit the popular Berlinale film festival, enjoy avant-garde theatre, shop at busy flea markets, or simply explore the stunning surrounding lakes, Berlin truly has it all.

However, the city is home to some of the most important historical landmarks as well. From the remnants of the Berlin Wall symbolizing a divided nation to the chilling stone memorials reminding us of the history that shouldn’t be repeated, Berlin is the ideal destination for exploring the colorful history that made Germany the beautiful county it is today.

Berlin, Germany

Raise a glass in Munich

It’s a well-known fact that Germans love their beer, and there’s arguably no better place to enjoy a pint than Munich. Whether you stop at the historic royal brewery Hofbräuhaus to combine education with a broad range of premium beers, or simply visit Munich in the fall to experience one of the most iconic Oktoberfest destinations, there’s no shortage of beer tasting opportunities for any tourist here.

Munich is also home to breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, beautiful parks, as well as fascinating museums. To explore the city from a different angle, you can also hop on some of the best Munich city sightseeing tours for a more interesting and special experience. From bus rides that include iconic landmarks to famous football and beer tours, and even day trips in Bavaria and Austria, such brilliant tours are bound to offer a different, more unique perspective.

Munich, Germany

Drive down the scenic Fairy Tale Road

While the Munich experience might be incredibly fun and exciting, Germany has many more unique experiences to offer. For instance, you could also see the country through the eyes of the Brothers Grimm by driving down the beautiful Fairy Tale Road. This scenic ride connects stunning landscapes and charming towns that inspired some of their most famous fairy tales, from the castle of Sleeping Beauty to Little Red Riding Hood’s forest.

Apart from being ideal for any fantasy lover, the Fairy Tale Road also offers a number of family-friendly activities like concerts, parades, and puppet shows, and is particularly charming around Christmas when the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) light up the streets.

Bremen, Germany

Eat your way around the Pfalz

If you believe the best reasons to travel include exploring different cultures and all the distinctions that make them unique, the Pfalz region might be a great destination for you. Although not among the most well-known spots in Germany, the Pfalz offers plenty of fulfilling experiences, from delicious local food and exquisite wine trails to charming villages, lush forests, and interesting festivals.

For wine lovers, this region offers famous powerful Rieslings, local sparkling wines (Sekt), a selection of great rosés, as well as international varieties like Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. As the people of Pfalz are quite proud of their culinary traditions, foodies will be spoilt for choice here as well, whether that means tasting traditional local German dishes in rustic forest inns or trying refined dishes influenced by French and Mediterranean flavors in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Pfalz, Germany

From historic cities and stunning natural surroundings to some of the most interesting and distinct cultural experiences, Germany is truly a land of beauty and wonder. Take the time to explore this vibrant and enticing country, and you surely won’t regret it.

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