Things to Make Your Move to Mexico Successful

You can either be there or here, not both. You will start noticing things happening when you make the decision of fully committing to your new home. Your mind will stop the wandering to what it believes were the greener pastures you have left in the old place and will start feeling home in the new one. You start finding places you enjoy spending your time in and making new friends. If you are the type of person who keeps thinking about the life you have left then you end up putting too much focus on the things you are finding difficult in the new home, and after a short period of time, you start packing so you can go back to the place you kept thinking about.

You are not alone. You are not the first person to leave a place you are familiar with and go to a new place, and you are not going to be the last one. If you want to make things easier for you, consider going out and connecting with people who have been here for some time and ask them for advice because you are going to need it. We have been there too, and we know how invaluable friends who can guide you through it. There is also the friend void you have when you move, but this can help in filling it. You friends might come over to pay you a visit from time to time, but it is important to make new and quality friends.

Find a career that you enjoy in your new home. It is a good idea if possible to secure work before you move. Visit Fircroft to find out more about career choices in Mexico.

There are a few things that you can do to make your transition a happy one.

Having an emergency fund.

When I was making new friends, I often got asked one question, do you have 3-6 months of expenses set aside in an emergency fund? Why is this an important question? There are times when things go the exact opposite of what you had planned, things you overlooked, but you will glad when you have something that will help you though that. Vallarta almost became a ghost town when there was a Swine Flu scare some years back. The same thing happened on 9/11. When tourists are not there, the local residents have no income. But the rent has to be paid, tanks filled, and food eaten. When you have something set aside, you will be happy you did this when things go wrong.

Keeping a Journal

One the first page, note down the reasons for do all of this and why it is important to you. Are there personal or financial reasons behind this decision? Are you searching for something deep down yourself? Write all of this down. Write down anything that crosses your mind. Every day before you sleep, make sure you write down the things that happened on that day, both good and bad, and then do this for one year. If you find yourself about to give up and go back, go to the first page then read it, there is a very high chance it is going to pass. Twenty years from now, you will be reading it and you will have a smile on your face.

Explore. You will not be working every single day of the week, so you should use your free time to explore. If you have a car, take a drive. Pick a direction then drive, you will be able to see the beauty of the country. A car is a good option for those who don’t have a car. In Mexico, buses can take you anywhere, and by the end of the exploration, you will have seen and found more reasons to stay, and you would have created memories to last you a lifetime. You will also have amazing stories to tell your friends and family when you go back to your home country.

Go with the flow.

Mexico has a different concept of time, and this has an impact on almost everything. When you make appointments you have to wait a little longer. When you hire someone to do something, the work will eventually be done, but it is not going to be done how you wanted. You will have everything in order when you invite people to come over for dinner, but they start coming in an hour later. When you are here, just go with the flow, People are important here. Life is important here. Memories and moments are important. But time is not. (This different when it comes to work).

Start a Business

If you want to do business and have money to invest, Mexico is a developing country. You can start any type of business either services based or manufacturing goods. You may also get permanent resident if you want to stay and do business in Mexico

Bringing a device or computer with Skype.

You are going to be missed and you will miss people too. You will start feeling out of touch. You should keep in touch by calling them. There are some people who are going to spend most of that time trying to convince you to go back, but this should not be a big issue if you are happy being here.

Bring luggage and not baggage.

If there are some personal issues you had back home, you won’t escape them because they are going to follow you. The things that held you down there will do the same here.

Appreciate and be grateful. This is going to have a positive change in your life. The country is going to give you more than you give it. If you decide to leave, your way of looking at things will change. You should respect the place and its people. Be a good guest, and you might end up becoming a giving host somewhere in the future.

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