Things to Do in River North, Chicago with Families

River North’s economy and domestic field have evolved a long-drawn highway from its disreputable origins as a wicked red-light community. Now is the address to some of the town’s most popular art salons, resorts, pubs, and eateries; it draws well-heeled nationals and visitors. Additionally, it also holds renowned stages, including the Merchandise Mart, which was formerly associated with the Kennedy family. Here about are some can’t-miss ventures to serve your family to execute the most utmost of your experience in the sphere.

Go for a Water-based Trip on a Water Bus

For people who are searching for a limited joy in the water that allows you to remain waterproof, this experience would be ideal for you and your family. Water taxis will make you roam the entire Chicago and will permit your family to experience the golden parts of the capital. It is easy for you to lean on one and feel the complete voyage, or you can also utilize it as transportation to reach your address for the night.

Shopping at the Magnificent Mile

As your family will step out of the River North Apartment, the first job you would like to accomplish is to go shopping at the Magnificent Mile. There are numerous conventional department stores and abundant artistic boutiques and luxury to captivate you for ampere-hours. If you tend to be a sports fan, then be ready to experience the glamours of superior brands like Under Armour, Patagonia, and Nike.

Walk Beside the River

Strolling alongside the riverwalk is one of the River North’s most prominent attractions. Yet pretty much considered a portion of midtown Chicago, the region is densely crowded with eateries and pursuits, indicating your neighbor address is possible only in a square or two beyond. For experiencing a mesmerizing scenic stroll, enter Tiny Tapp or City Winery at the riverwalk. When you will rest on the porch and stare out across the river, you will be gazing back at the River North in all of its glory and will carry its elegance with you back home.

Feast at Ema

Ema is an exquisite Mediterranean restaurant that accommodates convenient twists on traditional ideals. With its puffed “California style” cuisine, you can anticipate delightful catches on all sorts of refreshing recipes. You will adore the appearance and texture of this eatery practically as satisfying as you will relish the meal. Ema is an exceptional site to seize a dish and tour with your cherished pupil. Not a single person can leave the place without having one of the best food experiences of their lives. It is the undeniable truth.


The state may receive an unsatisfactory blow when it is jammed with boisterous Night Club goers, but one the other hand is also an active community with striking glimpses of the town, provocative nightlife, and pleasant dining. That is why you will enjoy great family times on the weekends and create memorable experiences in River North, no matter if you are alone or with your friends and family.

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