Mongolia is a vast and rugged land. It has China and Russia on the northern and Southern borders. Mongolia is a Sovereign state with not much population and Nomadic culture. Nomads are those who keep going from one place to another for sustenance and accommodation. The tourism of Mongolia is pretty well developed and you can have great fun on Mongolia tour packages. The top things to do in Mongolia horse riding, attending Naadam festival, hiking, visiting Gobi desert, watching wildlife, etc.

Naadam festival

The northern festival of Mongolia is about a traditional festival of sports. It is held in the month of July every year and is very popular in the world. At this time there is a lot of crowd in Mongolia which is otherwise the most sparsely populated. The literal meaning of Naadam is ‘the three games of men’. Doosri games are Mongolian wrestling, archery and horse racing. These 3 games are held throughout the country at different places. As the original name is the three games off, but presently the direction of air has changed and women have also started to participate in Archery and horse racing. The time when women also are participating in wrestling is not so far. Mongolia had a feather in its cap when Naadam was inscribed on the representative list of the subtle intellectual legacy of humanity. This is a body of UNESCO.

Horse riding in Mongolia

Mongolia offers stone horse expeditions. When you take a horse riding activity by any travel and tour service providing company, you may travel through the areas of Gorkhi-Terelji National Park. The horses which are used for horse riding are perfectly trained and experienced. It is very comfortable and safe to ride on horses, as there are handmade saddles. When you come back you will have a wonderful experience of horses, the environment, the surroundings, the breeze, the culture, the beauty, the people, the services and most importantly the horse.

Gobi desert of Mongolia

Gobi desert covers some parts of Northern and North Eastern China and Southern Mongolia. It is a rain dusk desert. It is formed by the Tibetan plateau which blocks the precipitation from the Indian Ocean and this is why the precipitation cannot reach the Gobi territory rain shadow is also an area where there is dryness on the leeward side of a mountainous region. The mountains over there do not format the rain-producing weather systems on the Gobi desert and it casts a shadow of dryness. This is the reason it is called as rain Shadow desert.

Gorkhi-Terelji National Park

This National Park is very much popular because it is characterized by great scenery. There is a lot of opportunity for adventure sports if you’re looking for a little adventure on the Mongolia Holiday Package. You can go hiking, swimming, rafting, Rock climbing, and horse riding. The experience of swimming would be and the ultimate experience because the water is Icy cold. If you want to experience more extreme sports, Mongolia offers king and dog-sledding in the depths of winter.

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