Cosmetic surgery refers to that branch of plastic surgery that includes surgical and non-surgical procedures for restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body to improve its appearance. Even though it is a great alternative for people who are not satisfied with their appearances and want to look a certain way, it comes with its own complications and risks.

Hence, one must be aware of the factors to consider before opting for cosmetic surgery. Some of these factors are:           

  • Expectations

People have a certain level of expectation with cosmetic surgery. Though this surgery can improve a certain feature and make it close to what you want, it is wise to anticipate improvement, not perfection. It is a bad idea to depend on cosmetic surgery for a confidence boost or to fix a bad social life. That causes low self-esteem and disappointment.

  • Research

You must be sure of which hospital you want to depend on for your cosmetic surgery before you decide to go for one. For example, to get a Botox treatment in Delhi, it is a good idea to go for renowned hospitals the likes of Fortis La Femme. This way, you are sure of the credibility and have more confidence on the procedure. This also helps in reducing nervousness and speeds recovery.

  • Expense

As cosmetic surgery is not a life-saving surgery, it is not covered by most health insurance plans. The cost of each procedure varies, depending on the skill and the facilities needed for each. It is also a good idea to consider the cost of the follow-up care or any additional corrective procedures that may result out of cosmetic surgery. Once you know the cost, please compare it with your budget, ask around, and then take an informed decision.    

  • Relation with the surgeon

Along with the right hospital, it is also advisable to select a surgeon you trust and is qualified enough to take care of your need. It is of utmost importance to have trust on your doctor as you will be interacting and following his instructions for a long time, even after surgery. The surgeon will evaluate the part of your body you want him to work on, and will enquire about your medical history. Apart from that, she/he will also discuss your desires and expectations. As this is very subjective in nature, it is a good idea to provide your expectations and vision in the minutest details possible so that there is less scope of any problems later. It is also a good idea to build a rapport with your doctor so that you can ask all the questions in your mind with ease and without hesitation.

  • Recovery

Please note that after the cosmetic surgery, you may need days, weeks, or even months to recover fully. Many procedures have consequences that are physical in nature and require their due time to settle and get fixed. The surgery might even affect your personal and professional lives, along with your mental space. Hence, give yourself the time to heal—both physically and mentally. As a cosmetic surgery is entirely dependent on choice, make sure you give yourself enough freedom and space to take in the new change and enjoy it. If you are not happy with the end result, it is still a good idea to relax and give yourself time to process that information as well. Rushing straightaway into your work and personal responsibilities can cause derailment and great confusion when it comes to settling in your new skin.  

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