Things to Consider When Planning a Home Renovation

Regardless of who you hire as your general contractor, the success of your home renovation project depends on your instructions and expectations. Your architect and contractor have experience and technical skills to materialize the drawings into physical elegance and charm, but the more input you bring to the table, the more the final product will reflect your wishes. However, like any construction project, a home renovation may take some unexpected turns. Take these tips into account before you consider renovating your home.

Secure your budget

First and foremost, you need to have enough money. As the project progresses, you most certainly won’t have more of it, so you need to plan ahead. Discus the expenses with friends, neighbours or people online who went through similar renovations and note down what they say. Australians love their renovations – a 2017 research by Roy Morgan shows that 8.4 million (or 62%) of Australia’s 13.6 million home owners did some kind of renovation in the last 12 months, so you’ll easily find someone with experience. Once you reach the figure, keep in mind to add an extra 20% for unexpected situations that are very likely to occur. Also, make sure you cross-check your budget with your contractor, just to make sure everything is according to plan.

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Inspect the home

One unpleasant aspect of home renovations is that while doing what you want, you almost always need to do things you haven’t planned for. Sometimes hidden problems with your house pop up only when the work starts. Hiring an experienced home inspector who will treat the whole house as a living system makes much sense at this point. These people can tell you if the roof structure is strong enough to support an add-on, as well as if the electrical, heating or plumbing systems need to be upgraded. Blocked or obstructed drains are a problem in many Australian cities’ old neighbourhoods, as decades of tree root growth often dislodge or crack the pipes. If faced with such a problem, consider contacting plumbing experts who are specialized for blocked drains in Sydney, and employ trenchless pipe restoration technology.

Find the right contractor

Among so many contracting firms out there, choosing the right contractor for your project might seem daunting. However, multitude breeds competition and finding the builders to fit your budget frame may prove easier than you think. Get as many referrals and testimonies, contact their references and online reviews. Also, make sure this contractor has been in the homebuilding business for at least five years. Hiring a less experienced contractor may seem like a good decision money-wise. However, when it comes to the technical reception and inspection, it may be too late to realize the firm you’ve went with lacks some of the many necessary licenses.

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Don’t fall for trends

It’s sometimes hard to resist the interior trends when all the home improvement and photo sharing blogs are bristling with them. However, keep in mind that in a year or so, something else will become all the rage, and instead of following what’s trendy today, it’s better to invest in high-quality craftsmanship and materials, and above all, classic styles. It’s always easy to tweak classic toward contemporary, making small changes which can be undone when the trend expires.

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Homeowners often get so excited about home renovation that they often leap into it, only to become faced with series of unforeseen problems down the road. If you’re planning a renovation, make sure to avoid common mistakes, so once the renovators pack their tools, you can be proud of your new home with no regrets.  


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