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The Wi-Fi FAQs: Everything Under One Umbrella - Likeitgirl

Wireless Fidelity, popularly called Wi-Fi, has become a part of our lives. We need it to do almost everything from working to watching TV to ordering food or even cooking at home. Despite wi-fi being a common terminology, we do not know a lot about this revolutionary technology. The post is dedicated to answering all the simple questions related to wifi. Read on,

Q1. What is a wifi?

Ans. A wifi is a wireless local area network (LAM) technology that connects devices to connect to a network through radio waves. Devices such as TVs, computers, smartphones, gaming consoles and more use this technology.

Q2. What is WLAN?

Ans. Also called Wireless Local Area Network, WLAB is similar to Wi-Fi as both technologies connect with devices and exchange data at a high speed using wireless technology. But, wifi is a type of WLAN.

Q3. What is a wireless router?

Ans. A wireless router enables transmission of wifi signals to devices. Additionally, it also connects LANs. A router is a small device with built-in wireless access point. The modern day devices also come with smart router parental control features enabling parents to restrict the access of the Internet to kids by making changes in settings.

Q4. Will there be the need to have a new hardware for wifi 6?

Ans. Yes, every wifi generation has new hardware and software requirements. If you are switching to wifi 6, your devices must be compatible with the standard in order to be benefited with the advantages of the new wifi protocol.

Q5. What is a wifi enabled device?

Ans. Any device that sends and receives wireless signals over a wifi network is called wifi enabled. These devices can connect to the Internet through any available wifi network.

Q6. Is there a difference between Wifi and Internet?

Ans. Wifi is a wireless network for connecting local area devices, whereas, Internet is a global network that connects the computers across the globe. While wifi uses radio waves for data transmission, Internet uses TCP/IP protocol routers for data transmission. Another major difference between the two is that wifi needs routers to connect to device. Internet, on the contrary, needs switches, modems and routers for connecting.

Q7. What is Wifi 6 backward compatibility?

Ans. Wifi 6 is backward compatible, which means that devices with old wifi standards will work over wifi 6 network. However, they might not be able to deliver the speed and efficiency of wifi 6.

Q8. What’s better – Ethernet or Wifi 6?

Ans. There’s a lot of difference between the two technologies. While Wifi 6 is the newest generation of wireless network, Ethernet is a wired network. Wifi6 has maximum speed of 1.2Gbps and Ethernet has speed of 100 Gbps. Wifi is a wireless network, thus prone to latency issues that are missing in Ethernet because of the latter being a wired network. The biggest advantage of wifi is that it doesn’t involve the hassle of connecting wires unlike ethernet. So, users can roam around and take devices connected to wifi to the spots that are within the range.

That’s all about Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Hope answers to these questions will give you more clarity about technology and how to make the most out of it.

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