The Whole Body Cleanse: How to Detox Your Body Head to Toe

With the arrival of spring, everything around you is waking up. The days are longer and sunnier, the birds are chirper and the beautiful flowers seem to be growing from each nook and cranny. As nature rejuvenates itself, it’s time for you to do the same. This time of year is the most effective for a full body detox. After all, you’ve spent the preceding months stuffing yourself with food and wrapping your skin in harsh but warm materials. Let everything breathe again with some extra self-care.

1. One with nature

Living in a concrete jungle is exciting, but not very good for avoiding toxins. Whether we’re talking about air or noise, you’re bound to be a victim of pollution in some way. To become one with nature again, you just have to look at your living situation and ask yourself one simple question: where can I add plants?

Detoxing comes down to the way you arrange your environment as well as how you treat yourself. This is why your home should have an abundance of plants in it. They’ll give you more clean oxygen, thus letting you breathe more easily and giving your lungs a well-deserved rest. Plants also inspire a sense of calm and tend to make the environment seem quieter, allowing you to detox your head from the busy streets too.

2. Sink into tranquillity

There’s nothing more relaxing and detoxifying than sinking your aching body in a tub full of warm water. Add natural bath salts to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for rejuvenation. The right mix of salts and the right bath can have the power to basically draw out all the toxins. Your skin is going to get moisturized as well, meaning it’s going to become softer and nicer.

You will no longer have to worry about any toxins, as your bath will take care of your body in ways nothing else can. Of course, this will only be possible if you add one special ingredient- ginger. As it brings up body temperature, it will also increase perspiration, making your body work towards detoxing itself.  

3. Brush the troubles away

A soothing yet effective detoxing method is to use a dry brush on your skin. Let your morning routine involve dry brushing your body from head to toe. You should use long strokes that stride towards the heart. After all, these movements stimulate blood circulation and activate the lymphatic system. The main benefit is that this method enhances toxin elimination through the skin.

On a more visible level, dry brushing can help you get rid of dead skin cells, thus rejuvenating your skin and making it more radiant. What’s more, the aforementioned motions can be tied to the reduction of cellulite, too. As you can see, dry brushing is good for ridding of all sorts of different toxins.

4. An apple vinegar a day keeps the doctor away

There’s nothing that needs to be detoxed more than your gut. With all the holidays behind us, you can be sure your body is tired and groggy from all the food. Start the new season right by properly taking care of your tummy. More and more fruits and veggies are going to be appearing, meaning you’ll have plenty of options for your smoothies.

It won’t be enough to rejuvenate your digestive system, though. You should consider adding apple cider vinegar capsules to your diet, as well. They’re tasteless but carry all the health benefits your gut needs. They’ll relive bloating, aid your digestion, and bring your blood sugar levels to their optimal levels. On top of that, these capsules can be consumed by vegans, as well.

5. Keep it moving

Not only does exercise tighten your core, but it also makes you sweat. That means all the toxins are finding a way out of your body. Working out might be the simplest yet most effective way to detox from the physical and mental negative properties. Physically, you’ll be much healthier and more energized, as well as look better. You’ll finally get the body you always dreamt of, all the while keeping the toxins out of your body for good.

On a mental level, you are going to be much more positive and relaxed. Exercise encourages happy hormone production, but also helps you deal with stress. As we all know, stress is the biggest mental toxin that can even have physical effects on your body.



By feeling lighter and healthier, you’ll also be able to take on life more easily. Your mental health is bound to improve and your worries will seem to be far away. Because of this, you’ll be able to improve all other aspects of your life, too. This year will finally be the one where you reach all of your goals and start living your best life. It all starts with a proper detox.

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