The Unknown side effects of Sulfate based hair products


Over the last couple of years, there have been many researches in the field of health and hygiene. As per the studies, it is becoming evident that the products we have using for ages are simply not good as we thought. These products contain certain chemicals that are harmful for our body and have severe side effects and when it comes to shampoo’s there is no exception. Below are some reasons why people are shifting towards sulfate free shampoos than the regular ones.

Side Effects of using Sulfate based shampoos

So you must be thinking, what could be so bad in a shampoo? Hair being one of the most important parts of maintaining overall look requires regular cleaning and conditioning. However, these hair products contain chemical called Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The main purpose of using this chemical in hair cleaning products is to create as much lather as possible. But with new researches it has been proved that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS for short) has few unwanted side effects. We have listed some top noted side effects of using sulfate based shampoos: –

  • Sulfate is also considered as a drying agent and hence prolonged use of these products can end up in itchy scalp with dry frizzy hair.Sulfates can even cause chemical allergic reactions.
  • The chemical is known to strip the natural hair oil from your scalp. It has been seen that people using these shampoos have experienced dry hair both in terms of appearance and touch.
  • Some of the side effects that can result from using sulfate bases shampoos are irritation in eyes, dried and frizzy hair, tangled hair, scalp irritation and permanent split ends. Some might even experience swelling on arms, hands and face.

These are some reasons why hair products containing sulfates are bad for your hair. So the next question that arises is what is the solution to the problem?

As per the consequences listed above, it is quite understood that hair products containing sulfates can damage your hair, so if you are experiencing such problems, it’s time that you start looking for alternatives. We are fortunate enough that there are alternates available for these products.

Not only they exist but they can easily be found in a variety of different places. In order to protect your hair, you should start using sulfate free shampoos. Only after using them, you would realise that your hair is feeling softer and cleaner than before. But when you land up in a store to buy sulfate free shampoos, you must look for the ones that contain natural ingredients. As to our knowledge, due to the growing awareness about sulfates, many companies have started using other damaging chemicals to replace sulfates. So you should only aim for the ones that are made out of natural ingredients. As long as you keep using products with natural ingredients, you don’t anything to worry.

Sulfate free hair products are expensive than the regular hair products but if you look at the benefits, you would probably not even care.

So, it is best to stick to shampoos that are made out of 100% natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives.

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