To be successful in any business, packaging plays a very big and vital role. Although it matters in each and every business but when it comes to food items, the packaging is indeed the biggest source for sale. The role packaging plays in this industry is vital because most of the customers are attracted by the way their favorite food is packed.

When it comes to pies, you definitely need your favorite pies packed in a beautiful box. For this reason, custom pie boxes are one of the most essential needs of bakery business. When you selling a product like a pie, you need to choose a perfect customized and attractive packaging for your brand. Because of this, nowadays the big brands are focused on the presentation of their products as they realize the importance of packaging. Today’s packaging industry is working on creating new, innovative and creative methods of packaging every day to meet the needs of their customers. Let’s dig into the features of pie boxes:

Which Material Is Used?

These packaging industry are using three major types of materials to make bakery boxes like pie boxes. Cardboard, corrugated and kraft material. Corrugated boxes have a good capacity for absorption as these are high strength material used in the cases when the product is to be transferred to faraway places.

Cardboard is the most used material for this purpose and is made up of layers of board and paper. Usually, it is recyclable with the help of the proper process of recycling so it is preferred over other materials. It gives high consumption at a low price and it is readily available. Kraft is the stiffest material and used in the preparation of those boxes that are used for the packaging of low duty and medium duty boxes.

Customized Pie Boxes

When making different pies, why choose the same box? You don’t make one sized product forever. Everyone now likes variety as their demands and choice vary. So, for this variety to be presented in the most decent way, customizes pie boxes are required. Customers are offered a variety of customized pie boxes as per their requirements.

Industry offers pie boxes in many sizes from large to small, in many colors from light to dark and in many designs, shapes, and styles as the packaging needs vary from customer to customer. Pie boxes in different shapes and sizes make them want those pies even more than before. Also, companies can avail good discount and deals as they purchase a bulk of pie boxes from a store.

Printed Pie Boxes

This is a step that makes your pie boxes more attractive and customized. As it is the world of advancement and technology, why not use that to enhance you pie boxes? Plane pie boxes bear no value once the pie is out of it. To make a prolonged and positive impression, printed logos on pie boxes do a marvelous job.

You can also get different sort of information printed on your boxes and enhance the quality of your box. For instance, you can print a short description of the product placed inside; its manufacturing and expiry date. All in all, printed pie boxes leave a good impression on the customer even when they are emptied.

Whenever someone will use them for a different purpose, it will show your logo on it which will make them remind their experience with your baked pies. Same way, when it is carried from one place to another, it will be a marketing source for your company.

Self-Heating Packages

This property of the pie boxes plays the role of maintaining the heat of the product. Also, it is for the pies that are being transferred to the nearest places. These boxes maintain the inner temperature high and secure the taste of pies as it is as they are cooked.

Self-Cooling Packages

You might get self-cooling pie boxes from the market as well. These boxes maintain the inside temperature of the boxes low so that the pie inside remains fresh when it is carried to faraway places. These boxes are specially used when you are going to carry the pie to a distant place. Due to its property to maintain the temperature low, the taste and texture of the food inside remain fresh.

Make It Visible With The Windowed Pie Boxes

Mostly you will see these boxes at bakeries. These boxes are used for presentation purposes as these boxes give a clear view of what is sitting inside the box. This way, your pie presentation will be shown to the customers through these windows. A transparent sheet is placed on the box which plays the role of a window of the box. It becomes easier to attract your customer through these window pie boxes.

Pie Boxes With Handle

This innovation is specially for the customers. For the convenience of the customer, the packaging industry offers pie boxes with handles. This way, it makes it easy to carry the box with you anywhere easily. You might not see the benefit right now, but once you start using them, you will see the difference in your sale because of this little addition.

Gift Pie Boxes

Packaging industry offers gift boxes to make it look more presentable. With the little addition of glitters, stripes, bows, and flowers, these boxes are fit for a gift. These occasional boxes make your customer realize that you care about their events and occasions. That way, the customer will return your sincerity by being loyal. It is just another of many ways to make your customer stick to your company.

Make various types of pies and impress your customers by using the customized pie boxes. These boxes not only fulfill the purpose of attracting your customer but these boxes also maintain your customer loyalty. To enhance your sales, you can use these boxes and will see the difference very soon.

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